• 12/21/2020

Winner of the TUM Supervisory Award 2020

The best doctoral supervisor at TUM

Who offers the best doctoral supervision at TUM? According to the TUM Graduate Council, the answer is Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Karampinos, Professor of Experimental Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine.

TUM Supervisory Award winner 2020 Prof. Dimitrios Karampinos with staff TUM Graduate Council
The best doctoral supervisor at TUM in 2020: Medical scientist Prof. Dimitrios Karampinos (centre) with members of his research group.

The Professor of Experimental Magnetic Resonance Imaging at the Faculty of Medicine was chosen over 47 other nominations and was honored with the TUM Supervisory Award. The award – which is endowed with a prize money of 5,000 EUR – was presented for the third time.

According to the nominators, Prof. Dimitrios Karampinos stood out especially because of his extensive weekly meetings and reliable availability even on weekends. The doctoral students appreciated the mixture of room for ideas and individual advice in his style of supervision.

It was also emphasized that Prof. Dr. Karampinos strives to involve doctoral students in important decisions, helps them with networking for their future careers, and that he encourages and supports research stays of several months – in the United States, for example. Last but not least, the extremely positive working atmosphere was emphasized.

New nomination round 2021

From now on to March 14, 2021, TUM doctoral candidates once again have the possibility to nominate their supervisors for the fourth Supervisory Award.

Contact:  gc-supervisionspam prevention@gs.tum.de

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