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Three strong women at "Women of TUM Talk"

More courage and self-confidence

"We need more strong women!": The appeal voiced by Prof. Claudia Peus, Senior Vice President of Technical University of Munich (TUM), was clear. Three featured guests at the "Women of TUM Talk" event held on Tuesday in Munich were perfect examples of strong women: TUM astrophysicist Prof. Elisa Resconi, founding entrepreneur and TUM alumna Dr. Tina Ruseva, and Olympic Judo Bronze medal winner and TUM medical student Theresa Stoll shared insights into their work, their lives and their motivation.

TUM / Astrid Eckert
Women of TUM Talk (from left): Host Isabel Werdin, Olympic athlete Theresa Stoll, founding entrepreneur Dr. Tina Ruseva, astrophysicist Prof. Elisa Resconi

The "Women of TUM Talks" are meant to inspire and encourage. They offer the women of TUM a stage on which to make their role models visible while motivating individuals to pursue their own goals. Prof. Peus, the sponsor of the event series, pointed out that expressions like Power and Strength are usually attributed a more male connotation, adding that women often don't feel the terms apply to them. That, she said, will have to change.

An astrophysicist, a founding entrepreneur and an Olympic athlete

Prof. Elisa Resconi has successfully established herself as an astrophysicist in a research field which is highly dominated by men. She says her objective is to better understand the universe: the experimental physicist works with neutrinos, subatomic particles which only rarely interact with other particles. She emphasized the importance of being able to admit to weaknesses and ask for help in her field, even as a woman in a leadership position.

Dr. Tina Ruseva, CEO of Mentessa, a community platform for agile collaboration, called for more involvement. Just going along for the ride isn't enough, she said, pointing out that the old power structures are beginning to change. She added that soft skills like empathy and creativity will be the most important in the future.

Olympic Judoka Theresa Stoll highlighted the value of self-confidence in her athletic success in one-on-one competition. "You can't have a second of self-doubt," said Stoll, adding that mental strengths and strategic approaches are decisive. "The winner is not always the one with the strongest body, but rather the one who also knows how to yield at exactly the right moment."

Women of TUM

Women of TUM is a rapidly growing, living network which connects women with one another – 15,468 female students, 110 female professors and more and more alumnae every year. This lively network is quickly spreading and bringing together women across the boundaries of continents, generations, hierarchy levels and specializations.

In the Women of TUM network, women are forming a community in which they mutually support and inspire one another, regardless of their academic disciplines or industry sectors. Here women also find a unique platform which makes them more visible to the public, anchors the role of the woman in the working world and thus establishes role models for future generations.

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You can find a recording of the event on the YouTube-Channel of TUM.

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