Student project for more sustainable thinking and acting in everyday life

Plant a Seed: The campus as an urban field

A sustainable campus: to transform this ideal into something more concrete than a vision for the future, a committed group of students is breaking new ground – literally, and right in front of the Audimax in Munich. With "Plant a Seed" they want to turn the university into a seedbed for green growth. A participatory initiative in which teaching, research and active dialog on central issues of our society go hand in hand. And the raised beds on campus are just the beginning.

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[Translate to en:] Initiatorin Veronica Becker möchte mit Plant a Seed einen nachhaltigen Campus gestalten.

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Successful Kick-off

The first potatoes, tomatoes, beans and the like are already growing in the raised beds in front of the Munich Audimax in the summer. In the video on Plant a Seed's Kick-Off , student Veronica Becker (Environmental Engineering) and her project team describe the path from idea to implementation - and show what their idea of sustainable transformation on campus looks like. For Becker, it was clear from the start: "We have the know-how, we have so many different degree programs. If they all work together, we can actually build a project like this."

The interdisciplinary project is supported by the TUM Sustainability Office and by teachers and researchers from various departments. That's because "Plant a Seed" offers plenty of material for theses and research projects by students from all disciplines. Lecturer Dr. Pamela Durán Díaz is enthusiastic: "It's fascinating and it’s related to many fields, it’s transdisciplinary. It’s getting our hands into the ground and working together to make a real change”. 

The project marks the launch of the first component of the Sustainable Living Labs, a student initiative that won an award at the first TUM Future Learning Initiative in 2020.

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