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A modular electric tractor standing in a field
Reading time: 3 Min.

Research on the electrification of agricultural machinery

New modular development kit for e-tractors

The special requirements placed on trucks and agricultural machinery often make it difficult for engineers to bring them into the electric age. At the Agritechnica agricultural machinery fair researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are now showing what a modular development kit for electric tractors can look like. Their platform features modules for various uses and a power bank which can be used as a replacement battery when necessary.

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Mobility Sustainability Research
Four Men out of research, industry and politics.
Reading time: 3 Min.

Bavarian government supports TUM with outdoor laboratory for automated and connected traffic

New test field for connected mobility systems

In the future the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will have its own test field for its mobility research. The facility in Taufkirchen/Ottobrunn near Munich will make it possible to investigate complex traffic scenarios under laboratory conditions. The laboratory will also support research on the interaction of the autonomous traffic systems of the future and their safe and standardized operation. The State of Bavaria is providing financial support to the project.

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Mobility Research
Students stand around a test vehicle celebrating their victory.
Reading time: 4 Min.

TUM students set Guinness world record

Longest-range electric car in the world is from Munich

Students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed the longest range electric car in the world. The team drove more than 2,573 kilometers on a single battery charge. As part of the IAA Mobility fair, the team competed for the new world record at the Munich airport and successfully brought the title home to Munich. The test lasted an entire six days, during which the team slept on cots in an airplane hangar.

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Mobility Sustainability Research Studies
A minibus with roof attachments and sensor technology for autonomous driving drives through Munich.
Reading time: 3 Min.

Autonomous driving, new mobility concepts and the redistribution of public spaces

TUM to present its new research vehicle at the IAA

Autonomous driving, innovative urban planning and the repurposing of existing spaces – these are only a few of the topic areas which TUM will present to the public in the course of the international motor show IAA MOBILITY from September 5 to 10. As part of the fair's Open Space segment, the university will present various research projects and approaches to the mobility of the future. The Open Space segment is spread across wide portions of central Munich and is open to the public without an IAA fair ticket.

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Mobility Sustainability Research
A train is crossing a railway bridge
Reading time: 1 Min.

Results of Munich mobility study on Germany's 49 Euro Ticket

"Deutschlandticket" hardly reduces use of cars

Germany's introduction of the 49 euro flat-rate for a monthly nationwide transportation pass, the "Deutschlandticket", has resulted in a ten percent increase in ticket subscriptions for local public transportation services. But only one fifth of the new subscribers have reduced their use of automobiles at the same time. These findings are the outcome of the research project "Mobilität.Leben", organized by an interdisciplinary research team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) working at the TUM Think Tank.

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Mobility Sustainability Research
A Hyperloop Pod is on a transport rack in front of a concrete tube. Many guests are standing next to it.

Europe's first certified full scale Hyperloop test track opens

TUM Hyperloop begins test operations

The first passenger trips are starting on the Technical University of Munich's (TUM) Hyperloop test track. The 24-meter-long experimental tube at the TUM Ottobrunn/Taufkirchen campus near Munich is Europe's first full-scale Hyperloop test segment; after a construction period of less than one year it was officially opened by Bavarian Minister-President Dr. Markus Söder and Bavarian Minister of Science and the Arts Markus Blume. The Hyperloop pod has been completely certified for passenger operations. Now the research group will focus its attention primarily on the drive system, levitation technology and vacuum behavior.

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Mobility Research
Zwei Personen halten eine Box vor einer Drohne hoch, in der ein Defibrillator zu findne ist.
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German Federal Minister for Transport Wissing praises TUM Horyzn team at mobility conference

Drones and air taxis: The key to the air traffic revolution

Increased use of air-space is essential in the mobility of the future – at least according to the major players in the drone industry. During an expert conference held at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), guests from science, business and politics discussed the steps which will be necessary to pave the way for wide-scale use of air taxis and unmanned aircraft. In addition to Daniel Wiegand, co-founder of the TUM spin-off Lilium, and Dirk Hoke, CEO of the air taxi start-up Volocopter, German Federal Minister for Digital and Transport Dr. Volker Wissing also took part in the conference, promising to improve basic prerequisites for this development.

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Artificial Intelligence Mobility Entrepreneurship Research Studies
Bavaria's Minister of Science Markus Blume, Munich's second mayor Katrin Habenschaden and Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of TUM, at the premiere of muc023.
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Lower weight and significantly reduced aerodynamic drag

Highly efficient TUM electric car introduced

The latest competition car from student group TUfast Eco makes its debut. The new electric vehicle builds on previous successes and sets new standards in terms of efficiency. Lower weight, increased efficiency in individual components and significantly reduced aerodynamic drag distinguish the new model from its predecessor. The car will be put to the test in competition with other European student groups at the Shell Eco Marathon in May 2023.

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Mobility Sustainability Research Studies
Reading time: 1 Min.

Student tunnel boring team takes the title in Texas

TUM Boring wins for the second time in a row

Another victory for TUM Boring in the "Not-A-Boring Competition" in the USA. Last weekend international student teams competed against one another for the second time with the tunnel boring machines they build themselves. In addition to the high speed at which the Munich students were able to bore their tunnel in the competition, the new choice of starting point for the hole played a decisive role in the team's win.

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Mobility Studies President

German government supports sustainability project Synergy Fuels

TUM researching climate-neutral fuels for the transportation sector

Technical University of Munich (TUM) is working on alternative, climate-neutral fuels for use in transportation. Together with partners from industry and science, six TUM professorships at the TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability (TUMCS) have received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the Synergy Fuels project. Over a period of four years, the support will total of 13.6 million euros, 5.7 million euros of which are earmarked for TUM.

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Mobility Sustainability Research


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