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Activity break during the lecture: Prof. Diepold can be seen in the lecture hall from behind, stretching his arms upwards, students in front of him, also with their arms stretched upwards
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A proposal from the TUM Future Learning Initiative inspired systematic breaks during course time

Just take a break

The next exam is coming up, so it's study, study, study. Oddly enough, it might be much better to take a break first. In fact, our brains need regular recovery periods to really be able to process and memorize what we have learned. The university didactics experts Dr. Alexandra Strasser and Denis Sedlmeier from ProLehre want to systematically facilitate such periods in teaching at TUM. They have taken up a student project that was awarded in our first ever TUM Future Learning Initiative.

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Pre-service teacher Lisa Teichmann controls a fully digitized production system via the touchscreen.
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Digital teaching and learning lab for student teachers

Preparing for a digitalized working world

From the factory to the hospital ward – digital skills are playing an increasing role in almost every profession. In the TUM-DigiLLab digital education laboratory, pre-service teachers gain a realistic sense of how the digital transformation will look in everyday life and the workplace. This will help them to prepare high school students and students in vocational education and training for an increasingly digitalized world.

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Artificial Intelligence Campus news Studies Teaching
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First TUM Sustainability Day

Optimism and an eagerness to act

"We have to act now if we don't want to lose control of our future!", said TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann in calling for the realization of the TUM Sustainable Future Strategy 2030, which he introduced at the first TUM Sustainability Day. He added that the university wanted its commitment "to send a signal and provide powerful impetus for the acceleration of the transformation to sustainability."

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Sustainability Campus news Entrepreneurship Research Studies Teaching President
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TUM Sustainable Futures Strategy

TUM anchors sustainability as guiding vision for its Agenda 2030

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has declared sustainability to be an integral guiding vision for its plan of action. President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann recently presented the TUM Sustainable Futures Strategy 2030 at the first TUM Sustainability Day: "We intend to secure the resilience of our university and shape the sustainable transformation of society with responsibility, talented individuals, scientific excellence and innovative power. We are making TUM a catalyst for the tremendous changes inevitably emerging in our pursuit of sustainable development, taking ecological limitations, economic constancy and social justice into account."

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Sustainability Campus news Research Studies Teaching President
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KinderUni children's university visits TUM

Fascinating lectures for young researchers

Raising enthusiasm for science and instilling a passion for research is the declared objective of Munich's KinderUni children's university. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has five lectures for KinderUni participants at the Technical University of Munich campus in downtown Munich as well as at the TUM Garching campus. The target group comprises children between the ages of seven and 12 years.

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Sustainability Studies Teaching Event
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Dieter Schwarz Foundation finances 10 additional professorships

TUM Campus Heilbronn expands: "For the Digital Age"

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) Heilbronn campus, founded in 2018, is developing into a powerhouse in the shaping of the Digital Transformation: The Dieter Schwarz Foundation (DSS) has increased its long-term commitment by including another ten professorships at the TUM School of Management and TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology. This brings the total number of professorships sponsored by the DSS at the two schools to 41.

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Campus news Research Studies Teaching President
Prof. Klaus Diepold
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Prof. Diepold on improvisation, creativity and Artificial Intelligence

"When AI produces amazing pictures, is it really art?"

On October 23, 2022, an improv theater evening entitled "Improvisation und Computer" will take place in the Theodor Fischer lecture hall. Admission is free for employees and students of TUM. In addition to the members of the Fastfood Theater, Klaus Diepold, Professor for Data Processing, will also take to the stage. In this interview he talks about whether or not Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be creative and how improvisation is connected to engineering sciences.

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Artificial Intelligence Campus news Teaching Event
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Top positions in the THE university ranking

TUM is the best university in Germany and the European Union

For the first time ever, the three most important rankings in the academic world all simultaneously rate the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as Germany's best university. TUM overtook last year's winner, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU), according to a report published Wednesday by the renowned British magazine "Times Higher Education" (THE). The QS World University Ranking and the Shanghai Ranking had already rated TUM first in Germany.

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Campus news Research Studies Teaching President TUM in Rankings
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An interview with student Chiara Marske and Prof. David Wuttke

The Logistics lecture viewed through VR glasses

Approximately 70 students attended an entire semester of classes by Prof. David Wuttke in Virtual Reality (VR). In an interview, student Chiara Marske and the professor for Supply Chain Management talk about why they can remember the VR seminar better, what topics in the Management curriculum are a good fit for the format and when the VR glasses were distracting.

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Research Studies Teaching
 In a seminar room, a female scientist explains a formula written on a whiteboard to three young colleagues.
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Cognition, Matter to Life or Photonics: Researchers support outstanding young researchers

Max Planck Schools are looking for new fellows

In 2018, the Max Planck Schools were created as beacons of natural science research in Germany. They aim to bring together the most brilliant minds in three dynamic disciplines: Cognition, Matter to Life and Photonics. As a joint institution of various universities and research institutions, the Max Planck Schools train internationally outstanding young researchers who are mentored and supported by the Schools' Fellows. Researchers can now apply to become new Fellows until October 13, 2022.

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