20 Jun 2024
2 Jul 2024

Motto "Mindfulness"

TUM Health Days

  • Thursday, 6/20/2024 - Tuesday, 7/2/2024

Event location
Munich, Straubing, Garching, online

Target audience

Health is our most precious asset, which must be nurtured and protected. We cordially invite you to explore and take advantage of the wide range of offers at our TUM Health Days. This year, the TUMgesund Health Days are all about mindfulness. Mindfulness can help us to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase our general well-being. 

The Health Days offer everyone the opportunity to consciously take time for their health and to be mindful of their body and mind. In a time that is often characterized by hectic and stress, it is particularly important to pause and reflect. We therefore encourage you all to take part in the Health Days and take advantage of the wide range of offers.


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