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Information and Resources for Refugees

On this page we have compiled the most important questions and answers for refugees looking to study at TUM.

Whom should I contact?

  • Questions from refugees looking to study at TUM or already studying at TUM: auditor(at)tum.de

You can also visit us at the Service Desk during our consultation hours for refugees every Tuesday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Please make an appointment in advance: +49 89 289 22737

Can I take language courses at TUM?

TUM does not offer language courses for refugees or applicants.

If you are interested in taking German-language instruction, you can find out about German courses at the LMU. These courses are subject to fees.


How do I apply for regular study at TUM?

Information and instructions on how to apply for a degree program at TUM is available on the following pages:

Are there video tutorials about TUMonline?

TUM students have published videos with Arabic and English subtitles on YouTube on the following topics.

  • Address and email
  • Print-outs for students (e.g. admission or enrollment verification)
  • Status semester fees
  • Services
  • Calendar
  • Course registration
  • Moodle
  • Student performance record and credit recognition
  • Curriculum:

All tutorials are published here

Can I study at TUM with my school-leaving certificate?

The DAAD database on admission requirements holds all relevant information on most school-leaving certificates.

Before you can apply at TUM, you must have your school and university certificates checked by uni assist: www.tum.de/studium/bewerbung/uni-assist/

Every Tuesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Service Desk in Arcisstr. 21, we are happy to help you create a free account at uni assist.  You can also ask questions about study in Germany and get information about the prerequisites for study at TUM.

This service is only available to applicants with refugee status.

What types of financial aid are there?

1. Bafög

BAföG is the abbreviation of Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz. This law regulates the awarding of financial support to students at school and during studies. If students or their parents or spouses are unable to support themselves and pay the cost of education, the state will provide financial assistance. Refugees can receive BAföG if they have a residence permit or Duldung.

The Job Center no longer provides financial assistance. However, you can apply to receive temporary funds from the Job Center until distribution of the first BAföG payment.

For more, visit the Student Union website:


The Student Union also provides advising:


2. Scholarships

Germany Scholarship


Studentenhilfe München


Student Union Scholarship Advising


You can find more scholarships at the links below:











Non-Material Support for Academics with Refugee Status


Legal advising for refugees

Whom can I contact about finding an apartment?

TUM information on accommodations


Information on how to apply for a place in the dormitory is available here.


Housing Referral Service of the Student Union


Private dormitories

In addition to the Student Union, private institutions (e.g. churches) also offer rooms in student dormitories:


Other resources

Accommodation assistance is also available at Pontis Lotsenprojekt: https://www.diakonie-hasenbergl.de/kultur-migration/lotsenprojekt-pontis.html

Münchner Freiwillige - Wir helfen e.V. provides information on finding an apartment in Munich: https://www.muenchner-freiwillige.de/wohnungssuchende.html

Do I need health insurance?

All students in Germany must have health insurance. If you have been admitted to the university, please contact your health insurance provider.

More information about health insurance

Is there a TUM job portal for students?

Student assistants, internships and part-time jobs for student at TUM:

Note: You must possess a valid work permit issued by the German Citizenship and Immigration Services to work in Germany


Is psychological counseling available for students?

NUR - Neue UfeR

Caritas offers the following services for both the fugitives and their companions and supporters: Psychological counselling and crisis intervention


Can I borrow a laptop for my studies?

ProAsyl lends laptops to refugees and also offers computer courses. Requests can be made via this form: https://goo.gl/forms/v8Pq8Ob2PrXIgkAd2

If you have questions, please contact info(at)asylplus.de