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PY (Practical Year)

The last year of medical studies consists of the practical year (PY). During this final stage, student training revolves around working with patients.

1. Applying via meditum
2. Applying via TUMonline
3. Final Acceptance

4. Student union fees

5. Enrollment

1. Applying via www.meditum.de

Applications for the Practical Year (PY) and the PY Mobility must be submitted to the PY office of the TUM School of Medicine. The PY application process is independent of the application to the M2 and M3 examinations for which the Examination Office of the TUM School of Medicine is responsible.

Please complete the PY application online at www.meditum.de. and submit it within the designated period. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. A list of current application deadlines is available at www.meditum.de.

Approval for the PY:

After receiving provisional approval (approx. one month after the application deadline), you will be informed of your internship assign­ments during the practical year. Full admittance to the PY is only possible after successful completion of the second part of the medical exam (written examination M2). Results of the IMPP examination must be available before the start of the PY for full admission. 

For further information, visit mediTUM.

Please note that you have to apply via mediTUM regardless whether you want to transfer to TUM completely or to transfer in the course of PY mobility. In the latter case you do not, however, have to enroll at TUM - an application via mediTUM is sufficient within the framework of PY mobility.

2. Applying via TUMonline

You are required to apply at the TUM for the practical year.
You can find the application form for this at www.campus.tum.de.
Please present your application:

between 11/15 and 01/15 if you wish to begin in the summer semester (April/May);
between 05/15 and 07/15 if you wish to begin in the winter semester (October/November).

In doing so, please specify the following data:

Type of studies: Studies with state examination
Desired degree: State Licensing/1st State Examination
Course of study: Medicine (clinical)
Entry Semester: 6 (starting in the summer semester)
7 (starting in the winter semester)

If you wish to apply on TUMonline for the PY outside of these periods of time, please send an e-mail to  studium@tum.de. In this case, your application will be created manually by the Admissions Office. You will receive an e-mail once your application has been created.

You will have to upload the following documents:

  • foreign university entrance qualification
  • proof of preliminary examination/federal medical exam 
  • Certificate of student health insurance (issued by a public health insurance company)
  • proof of enrollment from the last University attended
  • List of course of studies followed (alternatively, a proof of withdrawal can also be submitted)
  • a current passport photo
  • a copy of your identity card
  • a current resume

Certain documents may also be required as notarized hardcopies. Specific information will be available in your TUMonline Account after you complete the online application. 

For a certain period of time, you are "double enrolled" (i.e. enrolled at your home university and enrolled at the TUM at the same time).

3. Final Acceptance

Final approval for the (PY) is made by the Faculty immediately before the start of the practical year and will be sent to you by email. Therefore, please state your current emailaddress.

At the same time, the Faculty will inform the Admissions Office of your acceptance. Only then will your approval be recorded on your TUMonline account. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, and you may accept your spot through your TUMonline account.

4. Student union fees

You have to pay the student union fee. The student union fee does not apply if you have already paid such a fee to another university for this semester. In this case, simply submit proof of payment.

5. Enrollment

Once you've accepted your spot, have submitted all required documents for enrollment and have paid your student union fees, you will be automatically enrolled. You will be informed by e-mail and can then print your confirmation certificates from your TUMonline Account.

Please do not submit your TUM proof of enrollment until after your enrollment appointment at the TUM Medical Education Center

If you transfer to TUM temporarily within the framework of PY mobility, you remain enrolled at your home university and do not enroll as a student at TUM.