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Accident insurance

Accident insurance in accordance with section VII of the German Social Security Code (SGB VII).
If you have an accident in a TUM building, on the TUM campus or on your way to/from the university, you are covered under section VII of the SGB. The Landesunfallkasse Bayern (LUK) is the insurance carrier for the state of Bavaria. Insurance coverage is free for TUM undergraduate and graduate students as well as guest students.

Accident insurance provides coverage in connection with the course of study and training and continuing education programs at TUM, as well as during events organized by TUM outside of the university's regular opening hours.

For more info on accident insurance with regard to the university sports center in munich, please refer to the current program booklet.

Reporting an Accident

To allow Landesunfallkasse Bayern (LUK) to review and process insurance claims in a timely fashion, all accidents should be reported without delay.
For this reason all accidents that occur within the confines of the university, including to and from TUM, must be reported immediately.

Accidents should be reported if they happend in Munich or Garching to sicherheit.hr6@tum.de 

If they happend during a university sports program at the Zentralen Hochschulsportanlage on Campus Olympiapark, please report to:

Kerstin Brunner
Zentraler Hochschulsport
Connollystr. 32
80809 Munich
Phone: 089-289-24727
Fax: 089-289-24664

If they happed in Weihenstephan, please report to:

Monika Abstreiter
Allgemeiner Studienbetrieb/Prüfungsamt ( Referat 81)
Alte Akademie 1 , Raum 4101.01111
85354 Freising
E-Mail: m.abstreiter@mytum.de

Which information do I need to provide?

Please provide the following information for the initial accident report:

  • Last and first name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

We will contact you as soon as possible..

Details on accident insurances

Further information about accident insurance can be found in the services guide under the key word accident insurance.

Illness during/before Examination

If you are unable to participate in an examination, you must immediately submit a written request for withdrawal to the chairman of the examination committee of your degree program. Withdrawing from Examinations / Medical Certificates

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found anything in Munich, Garching or Weihenstephan. Please contact one of the lost property offices on campus.