Leisure time and networking

Students get together for a field trip. (Image: Raymond Chua)

Discover Munich and its surroundings - while getting to know TUM students from around the world! A wide range of leisure and networking opportunities are available at TUM. These are centrally organized by the TUM International Center or by the departments. National student groups also give you a chance to maintain ties with your home culture.

TUMi is a support and orientation program for international students, centrally administered by TUM’s International Center. The details are announced in the TUMi calendar of events. A wide range of events is available to international students all semester long. German students can participate in most of the events as well.

Services for exchange students organized by departments

A number of departments offer a semester program with outings and other leisure activities to complement the TUMi offering.

  • Architecture: The Architecture student body organizes a leisure activity program as part of its meet-and-greet events. Exchange students in the Department of Architecture receive e-mail notifications of events.
  • Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering: The BGUmentoring program organizes a variety of excursions during the semester. Exchange students in the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering receive e-mail notifications of events.
  • Medicine: The Erasmus team in the Department of Medicine organizes a range of leisure activities. Exchange students in the Department of Medicine receive e-mail notifications of events.
  • Physics: The Department of Physics organizes a regular get-together, which gives students from the department the chance to make new acquaintances.
  • TUM School of Management: The mentoring program run by the TUM School of Management organizes a wide range of excursions during the semester. Exchange students in the School of Management receive e-mail notifications of events.
  • TUM School of ManagementMaster’s Program in Consumer Affairs (MCA): The Quality Circle Team of the MCA program organizes a variety of leisure activities. Students in the MCA program receive e-mail notifications of events.

National student groups

Looking to hook up with students from your home country? Students of various nationalities have set up national student groups. These are a great way to get valuable advice and enjoy a spot of your home culture here in Munich. Some of these groups are structured as associations with their own committee while others are informal in nature. There are also some groups that are only active in Munich and others that reach out across Germany: 

External Services

Services offered outside of TUM may also be of interest to international students. We have listed a selection of these below.

  • Munich Students Union: The Culture Bureau of Munich Students Union offers a wide-ranging program every semester. As well as promoting cultural events in Munich, it organizes outings to places of interest outside the city.
  • Catholic academic society at TUM (KHG):The KHG at TUM provides a rich variety of opportunities to meet other students. As well as advisory services, it organizes group leisure activities. The offering is open to all students at TUM, regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Protestant academic society at TUM (EHG): The semester program of the EHG at TUM is also well worth checking out. Again, the program is open to all students at TUM, regardless of their religion.
  • Halls of residence: Many halls of residence – both those run by the Students Union and other operators – offer organized leisure activities. Notices keep residents informed of events. Tutors are also on hand to provide support at many halls of residence.
  • Tablesurfer.de: Four unacquainted students meet up to cook dinner and spend an enjoyable evening together. Tablesurfer.de is a platform for getting to know other students and striking up new friendships.
  • Hosting guests in Munich: ONE WORLD – ONE FAMILY is a private initiative aimed at helping international students establish and maintain contacts in Munich.
  • Nightline München: Nightline München is a night-time telephone advice line run by students for students. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish and the service is operated by students on a voluntary basis. (http://www.nightline.mhn.de/)
  • Munich Meetups: The Meetups platform allows new students to make new acquaintances in Munich soon after their arrival. Groups are organized around an extremely wide range of interests. (http://www.meetup.com/cities/de/m%C3%BCnchen/)

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