Study Areas on Campus

Looking for some­where quiet to study for an up­coming exam? Or are you on the hunt for a place to do team­work with other stu­dents? TUM pro­vides spaces just for this – and not just in the University Libraries.

A student learning in TUM's university library
Study area at the main campus libraryImage: Astrid Eckert

Silence please: Stu­dents may stu­dy in the campus li­brar­ies at various TUM lo­ca­tions. There are reading areas in the read­ing rooms, team­work rooms and in­di­vid­ual stu­dy rooms. Study areas and reading rooms

TUM's Quantum Lounge on the Business Campus in Garching-Hochbrück
Anyone in the “Quantum” lounge at the Garching-Hochbrück campus?Image: Andreas Heddergott

Pilot project: At the Garching campus, automatic people counters log each person entering and exiting the student workspaces – in the Mathematics/Informatics building and in Garching-Hochbrück. Check for seats online

Stay longer at StuCafé Audimax

Next to Audimax: The “StuCafé”, next to the Audimax lecture hall on the main TUM campus, offers a place for students to study even after the kitchens have closed.

Opening hours:
Two students learning together at the caféteria next to TUM's Audmax
The student union serves dinner, snacks and drinks in a hall right next to the Audimax lecture hall - and students come to study here.Image: Astrid Eckert

For all stu­dents: The Catholic Academic Society (KHG-TUM) pro­vides stu­dy rooms and work­spaces that are a­vail­a­ble to all stu­dents – re­gard­less of re­li­gion. KHG (in German)


Do you have any other ideas? Do you know of a space that would be suitable for our students to use? If so, please contact:
For questions regarding the intelligent room information system at Garching (IRIS)

Student representatives
For further questions regarding study areas at the university