Internationalization Language Services

The Internationalization Language Services (Sprachdienst Internationalisierung, SDI) is a TUM-internal coordination office for translations into US English as well as editing and proofreading. It provides the terminology database dict.tum and is the contact for all questions regarding terminology.


If you need translations into English and want to be sure that the corporate language is fully respected, the language service Internationalization is at your disposal – no matter what the text type and volume.

The coordination of the translations is carried out by the Internationalization Language Services. The cost of the translation is borne by the client. If you need assistance with a translation project, please fill out the request form with the necessary information about your project and send it to us with the files to be translated. After reviewing the files and your information, we will get back to you with a cost estimante and a deadline. Only when you agree to the estimatet costs will the order be officially placed with our translators.

The Internationalization Language Services work closely with a pool of selected external translators who carefully translate your texts into English. The Internationalization Language Services do the final editing of the texts and sends them back to you. You then have the opportunity to provide feedback in the form of questions or objections. Your project is not finished until you are satisfied. Your data will of course be treated confidentially.

Our service primarily includes administrative documents and outreach materials such as degree program materials, web pages, brochures or flyers, as well as materials related to study and teaching. Specialized literature cannot be accepted. For support with scientific texts in English, please use the coaching services of the TUM Language Center.

Dict.tum is the bilingual database for German and US-English terms used at our international institution, providing correct translations of numerous terms used in everyday university life in accordance with TUM's corporate language.

Please use our wiki forms if you have a suggestion for a new entry or a change to an existing entry in dict.tum.