TUM Faculty Tenure Track: Balancing Career & Family

The Technical University of Munich helps researchers to balance family life with their demands of a career.

A child in the campus kindergarten in Garching

The TUM Faculty Tenure Track career system also takes family commitments into account –offering, for instance, more flexible working hours and factoring a researcher’s family situation into their performance evaluations.

Please take note

The actual circumstances may vary for all of the scenarios described above. Individual requirements and corresponding extension periods will therefore be examined and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Other services for families

  • Dual Career Service: TUM supports the partners of newly appointed professors. The staff of the Dual Career Office are on hand to help partners find a new career opportunity in the Munich area. Munich Dual Career Office

  • TUM Family service: TUM offers a range of family advice services, from help in finding childcare (e.g. in the university’s own childcare facilities) and support in caring for family members, through balancing career and family and choosing a good school to providing information on baby changing facilities and children’s rooms at each of the TUM campuses. Family services at TUM

Download: Documents on the TUM Faculty Recruitment and Career System

Official documents on TUM’s career system for professors:

Code of conduct for the work of appointment committees:
TUM Faculty Recruitment Code of Conduct (PDF, 114 KB)

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