Pour le mérite Order for Sciences and Arts

The Pour le mérite is an order of merit established by King Frederick II of Prussia in 1740 as an honor for military and civil achievements. Although the order later became a military decoration, there has, since 1842, been a separate class of conferrals “for services to the sciences and the arts”.

The members of the Pour le mérite wear the symbol of the order.

According to the order’s statutes, active membership is limited to 80 eminent figures from the worlds of natural science, the humanities and the arts, 40 of whom are German citizens and 40 of whom live and work abroad. Members of the order are “men and women, who have, by virtue of the widespread recognition of their services to science and art, secured themselves an outstanding reputation”.

The Pour le mérite Order is under the patronage of the German head of state. Members of the order meet twice a year for internal discussions and negotiations, as well as for a conference which is open to the public.

The following members of the TUM have been admitted to the order:


In brackets: Year in which the award was received

The information provided was current at the time the award was received.


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