The TUM Senate

The TUM Senate is the university's highest academic authority and has 11 voting members.

The role of the TUM Senate

The TUM Senate makes decisions on

  • regulations issued by the university 
  • matters of fundamental importance to the research / promotion of young scientific and artistic talents and to compliance with the university's equal opportunity program 
  • applications to set up collaborative research centers, graduate programs and other such organizations and institutes 
  • proposals concerning the establishment / modification / cancellation of degree programs 
  • proposals concerning the appointment of honorary professors 
  • the bestowment of the titles of honorary senate member, honorary citizen and honorary member of the university
  • the endorsement of proposals concerning the appointment of external members of the TUM Board of Trustees


  • key research areas


  • on proposals concerning faculty appointments

gives its consent to

  • the decision of the president concerning the conferment of the “TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor” honorary professorship


  • the ombudsperson responsible for inquiring into allegations of scientific misconduct 
  • the gender equality officer of the university


The Senate has 11 voting members. It is made up of faculty members (6), scientific/artistic or other associates (2), the university's gender equality officer, a member of the assembly of doctoral candidates (TUM-specific and only in an advisory capacity) and student representatives (2).


Vice Chair

Faculty Representatives

Representative of the Scientific Staff

Representative of the Non-Scientific Staff

Gender Equality Officer

Representative of the TUM Graduate Council (in advisory capacity)

Students Representatives


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