An international university

Winning the world's best brains, forging alliances with leading universities and companies, maintaining a strong alumni network: These are the goals the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has set itself as an internationally competitive university. It is not origin that counts at TUM, but talent and passion for science.

New to Munich? The Welcome Office will gladly help further. This is the information center for international students, graduate students and visiting scholars. It provides advice for example on accommodation, taxes, insurance, visas and right of entry. Contact and advice




TUM feels at home all over the world.It has representative offices in Asia, North and South America and Europe. Here it initiates research collaborations and exchanges with scientists and students. As the first German university in 2002, it opened its own branch abroad: TUM Asia in Singapore. All TUM-locations worldwide

With over 160 partner universities on all continents, TUM is interconnected, promoting the exchange of students, researchers and joint research projects. The University is active in international networks with the aim of pursuing strategic objectives collaboratively. For no country and no university can master the challenges of our time on its own. International Alliances

Go Global

TUM stands for openness and international academic exchange.

  • Going Abroad: ERASMUS-exchange, internships or research abroad. We support our students and staff, who wish to gain international experience. More about going abroad
  • Studying at TUM: Master's programs in English and double-degree agreements make studying at the TUM attractive for students from all around the world. International Study Programs
  • Researchers from abroad: We want to attract talent from around the world to TUM and we offer excellent working conditions that meet high international standards.

“Innovation. Explained”is the motto of “Technologist”. The online science magazine is an initiative by the EuroTech Universities Alliance, bringing together the best and most exciting research from Europe and beyond. It is published in English.