TUM technology transfer

Ideas and inventions developed at TUM are at the center of technological change and social progress. The department of technology transfer at TUM ForTe, the Office for Research and Innovation Transfer, supports the industry in its commitment to society with scientists from TUM.

The Commercialization of ideas and inventions made by TUM scientists significantly shapes these activities and is based on the TUM Patent Policy. In most cases, commercialization is made possible through cooperation with an exploitation partner for further development of a new technology and/or its integration into a new product, procedure, service, process or tool.

The TUM Patent and Licensing Officeactively markets new technologies in many sectors, and, on behalf of TUM, is responsible for the negotiation of contracts (confidentiality agreements, options, licensing and acquisition agreements, etc.). Current technologies for commercialization can be viewed here. The TUM Patent and Licensing Office welcomes discussions with potentially interested parties.