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Level 1

The TUM is very successful with a wide variety of research projects, whether they are large third-party funded projects or smaller, very specialized research efforts. Several, even international partners are often involved. From initiation to completion, the scientific management of such complex projects is extremely demanding and requires a wide range of competencies from the people entrusted with it.

As a science manager, you manage resources, create conditions for excellent research and teaching, and design efficient processes. You often work at interfaces and use your network to advance (research) projects and lead them to success. You communicate with a wide range of people, bringing them together at one table and reconciling their interests. Our program TUM Science Manager Level 1 aims to support you precisely in this!

This qualification program has the goal of providing science managers with a resilient, future-oriented foundation of practical competencies and strengthening their personal communication skills so that they can successfully manage current and future (research) projects.

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Target Audience

The program TUM Science Manager Level 1 is open to members of the academic mid-level staff (employed on a temporary/unlimited basis in pay group E/A13 or higher) with at least one to two years of professional experience in science management and, generally, with a completed doctorate. The professional experience should have been completed after the doctorate and should include activities in science management or management tasks. If a significant amount of relevant experience has been gained during the doctorate, this can be taken into account

The target audience is primarily persons in staff and interface functions, persons with coordination, implementation, and management tasks in the faculties/schools and their chairs or in central (scientific) institutions as well as in academically shaped fields of activity in the administration. There is no age limit for application.

Structure and Content

The TUM Science Manager Level 1 program focuses primarily on professional competencies that promote collaboration and communication in and beyond (research) projects, as well as competencies required for the procurement, management, and deployment of financial and human resources in the day-to-day operations of scientific institutions and units.

The thematic focus Research & Resource Management addresses current frameworks and effective strategies for the management of financial, human and other resources. As a science manager, it is often your responsibility to plan and implement these components or to facilitate necessary changes. The program teaches concrete methods and tools for this purpose, but also looks at current developments in the scientific landscape that can be crucial particularly for the success of research projects.

The focus topic Communication, Networking, & Self-Management provides approaches and strategies for bringing together different partners, coordinating their activities, and aligning them to a common goal. Your own effectiveness also plays a central role in this, as you exchange information with your network and promote public engagement. As a science manager, you are often the central junction where all the threads converge.

The content of the modular course program includes:

  • Legal Affairs in Higher Education
  • Management of Cooperations
  • Developments in the Academic System
  • Economics of Resource Management
  • Research Management
  • Communication
  • Design of Team Collaboration
  • Network Competence
  • Science Communication
  • Self-leadership

Information on the other elements in the qualification program (self-study, career coaching, peer mentoring, transfer project and job shadowing) can be found here.



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Please note: If your current position at TUM is financed in whole or in part by third-party funding, we ask you to clarify directly with the funding body whether it is possible for you to participate. A further education to this extent might not be compatible with the purpose of the funding commitment for some third-party funders. If you are unable to clarify the matter yourself, please contact us again.

Selection Process and Criteria

The selection process is intended to ensure that this qualification program is a good fit for you.


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The TUM-wide Community of Practice offers science managers an exclusive platform for further qualification, exchange, and networking: generate new ideas in exchange and discussion with your peers, create synergies at TUM, and jointly establish best practices in science management.