At TUM we are shaping the sustainable mobility of the future. Autonomous driving, air taxis and new means of transportation such as the Hyperloop are already reality for us. Our intelligent concepts for traffic and transport planning make urban and rural areas more liveable and attractive.

Prof Werner Lang, photographed on the roof of the Oskar von Miller Forum.
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Global discourse series „One Topic, One Loop“: Werner Lang

Getting everyone on board for greater sustainability

How can universities integrate sustainability into their infrastructure and daily activities? In the global discourse series “One Topic, One Loop”, we present the perspectives of four universities from four different countries. Werner Lang, TUM's Vice President for Sustainable Transformation, kicks off the series by sharing his vision of a more sustainable university and the players needed to make it a success.

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TUM Autonomous Motorsports wins spectacular race in Abu Dhabi

Victory for TUM AI racers on Formula 1 track

The TUM vehicle controlled by artificial intelligence has achieved first place in an international race on the Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi. Without a human driver or remote control, using only the superior autonomous software, the fully automated vehicle was able to prevail against seven other international teams with identical racing cars. It independently searched for the limits, mastered spectacular overtaking maneuvers and speeds of up to 250 km/h on the winding track.

President Research Mobility Artificial Intelligence Community
People meet in a Munich street that has been greened with plant boxes

Podcast „We are TUM“

How we do research with the society

Involving the public increases the relevance of research in a variety of ways. We present three projects that thrive on this exchange: The Cluster of Excellence MCube deals with the effects of urban mobility on public space. Our guests are spokesperson Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer and Marco Kellhammer, head of the sub-project "Car-reduced quarters for a more livable city (AQT)". Other projects: Student Hannah Tilsch has developed a mechanism for dealing with hate speech on social media, Franziska Bauer and Immanuel Wolfschläger from the Chair of Aquatic Systems Biology are using an app in their research on blue-green algae.

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A group of scientists stand around a formula racing car.
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Racing car with artificial intelligence wins in Las Vegas

TUM wins again at the Indy Autonomous Challenge in the USA

Victory in Las Vegas for the TUM Autonomous Motorsport Team! Once again, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has proven that autonomous driving can also work successfully on the race track at top speeds. As part of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, universities have been competing against each other with fully automated racing cars since 2021, testing the limits of sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence Mobility Research
Cheops pyramid from a distance, palm trees and water in the foreground

New podcast episode of "We are TUM"

The hidden chamber in the pyramid of Cheops

At the beginning of 2023, the international research group of Prof. Christian Große made a sensational find: they discovered a previously unknown chamber in the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza. In this episode of "We are TUM", we talk to the researcher about his discovery and the technology behind it. Other guests are Wolfgang Nowarre from the IT Support and Jonas Bauer, member of the student initiative TUfast Eco. Christa Jansen from the Studierendenwerk also gives tips on how to successfully find accommodation in Munich.

Community Mobility Research Studies
A modular electric tractor standing in a field
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Research on the electrification of agricultural machinery

New modular development kit for e-tractors

The special requirements placed on trucks and agricultural machinery often make it difficult for engineers to bring them into the electric age. At the Agritechnica agricultural machinery fair researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are now showing what a modular development kit for electric tractors can look like. Their platform features modules for various uses and a power bank which can be used as a replacement battery when necessary.

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Four Men out of research, industry and politics.
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Bavarian government supports TUM with outdoor laboratory for automated and connected traffic

New test field for connected mobility systems

In the future the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will have its own test field for its mobility research. The facility in Taufkirchen/Ottobrunn near Munich will make it possible to investigate complex traffic scenarios under laboratory conditions. The laboratory will also support research on the interaction of the autonomous traffic systems of the future and their safe and standardized operation. The State of Bavaria is providing financial support to the project.

Mobility Research
Students stand around a test vehicle celebrating their victory.
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TUM students set Guinness world record

Longest-range electric car in the world is from Munich

Students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed the longest range electric car in the world. The team drove more than 2,573 kilometers on a single battery charge. As part of the IAA Mobility fair, the team competed for the new world record at the Munich airport and successfully brought the title home to Munich. The test lasted an entire six days, during which the team slept on cots in an airplane hangar.

Mobility Sustainability Research Studies
A minibus with roof attachments and sensor technology for autonomous driving drives through Munich.
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Autonomous driving, new mobility concepts and the redistribution of public spaces

TUM to present its new research vehicle at the IAA

Autonomous driving, innovative urban planning and the repurposing of existing spaces – these are only a few of the topic areas which TUM will present to the public in the course of the international motor show IAA MOBILITY from September 5 to 10. As part of the fair's Open Space segment, the university will present various research projects and approaches to the mobility of the future. The Open Space segment is spread across wide portions of central Munich and is open to the public without an IAA fair ticket.

Mobility Sustainability Research
A train is crossing a railway bridge
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Results of Munich mobility study on Germany's 49 Euro Ticket

"Deutschlandticket" hardly reduces use of cars

Germany's introduction of the 49 euro flat-rate for a monthly nationwide transportation pass, the "Deutschlandticket", has resulted in a ten percent increase in ticket subscriptions for local public transportation services. But only one fifth of the new subscribers have reduced their use of automobiles at the same time. These findings are the outcome of the research project "Mobilität.Leben", organized by an interdisciplinary research team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) working at the TUM Think Tank.

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