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TUM Mentoring

How should you best prepare yourself for the time after graduation? And align personal plans with the requirements of the economy at the same time? Experienced TUM alumni can provide help – as mentors within the "TUM alumni mentoring for students" program. They partake as good listeners, supporters and advisers. Get involved! Become a mentee.

Portrait Sabine Blaumeier
Sabine Blaumeier, master-program student of chemical engineering, is taking part in TUM mentoring. (photo: Andreas Heddergott)

Sabine Blaumeier, master-program student of chemical engineering, is taking part in TUM mentoring as a mentee since the summer term of 2012. Her ambition: "I'm hoping to get some insight to the professional life of my mentor, to learn from his professional experience." Among other things, she would like to improve her personal demeanor with his help. Under almost realistic conditions, Sabine Blaumeier will simulate various situations of communication with him.

An idea brought up by students

More than 900 TUM students have already participated in the program since 2008. The original idea was brought up by a student group that was involved in the student councils and the IKOM. Tobias Hürlimann – a student of physics at that time – and Petra Dorfner – an alumna of molecular biotechnology and IGSSE-doctoral candidate today – gave the impetus.

 Starting two times per year

TUM mentoring starts twice a year, at the beginning of every semester! Students from every faculty can take part as mentees. They must have reached the third semester of their undergraduate studies at the beginning of the mentoring-year. Also, all master's and doctoral students are admitted. The application to participate is continuously provided via the TUM-family's online platform TUMnet.

The mentoring team of TUM Alumni & Career is happy to help with any  questions about the program or the application procedure. Program Coordination:

Dipl.-Ing. Agr. Peter Finger and Dipl. Päd. Iris Stolz

Email: mentoringspam prevention@alumni.tum.de

For more information please see: www.mentoring.tum.de/tum-mentoring

Registration on TUMnet: www.alumni.tum.de/TUMnet 

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