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The Language Center: being lost for words is a thing of the past

TUM’s language center offers instruction in 16 languages and everything connected with intercultural communication. 70 international instructors are on hand for this specific purpose on all three campuses: the main campus in Munich’s city center as well as those in Garching and Weihenstephan.

Logo Language Center of TUM
TUM’s language center offers instruction in 16 languages and more. (Logo: language center of TUM)

They put their heart, soul and plenty of commitment into imparting a love of language while simultaneously conveying the special cultural aspects of their respective native countries. TU München’s language center is open to all students and the lessons are free of charge.

The language courses, which are available at all levels, focus on topics and communication skills that are of importance in an academic context. Most of the language sessions are held during the regular semesters. There are also intensive courses and special courses during lecture-free periods for extra proficiency. Once the requirements of the respective faculty’s examination regulations have been fulfilled, the successful completion of a course at the language center may count for credit toward graduation.

Regardless of which language: enrollment via TUMonline

Student fees have enabled us to set up a writing center and to offer writing consultation services, provide more online tuition material and introduce new language options over the past few years. Anyone who is interested in attending a language course, regardless of which language, should enroll via TUMonline. We have been taking registrations for term-time courses in English, Spanish and French during the winter semester 2011/12 since October 4 and for all other languages since October 5, 2011.

Online assessment test on Moodle

Due to the high demand for English, French, Spanish, Italian and German as a foreign language, anyone who is interested in these languages should first complete an online assessment test on TUM’s eLearning platform Moodle before enrolling. Apart from serving as a good guide for the potential participants, the results also help the team at the language center with planning so they can adjust the range of courses offered to better meet current demand.

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