• 7/11/2011

The world's biggest online newsagent's:

Over 1,700 magazines free of charge

The chance to read 1,700 newspapers from 92 countries in 48 languages online: now the Library PressDisplay platform has been installed, TUM's university library offers its students the world's biggest online newspaper kiosk.

Newspaper title pages
World's biggest online newspaper kiosk: Library PressDisplay is offered at TUM. (Photo: TUM Universitätsbibliothek)

You can browse through daily newspapers and read the full contents of periodicals free of charge. Tuition fees also go towards funding this subscription. You can call up Library PressDisplay via the university library's Database Infosystem (DBIS).

Simply activate the DBIS function

Free access is possible either with a computer connected to the TUM university network (on-campus access via proxy) or with the help of the myTUM user ID (off-campus access via eAccess). Simply activate the DBIS function, enter "Library PressDisplay" in the search engine window and click your way to the start page.

The eMedia team at the university library will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Library PressDisplay or provide assistance if you have any problems accessing these functions.

Contact: support.emedienspam prevention@ub.tum.de

  • ATTENTION: The license for Library PressDisplay has expired in December 2015.

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