• 6/10/2013

University elections 2013:

Peter Zarnitz and Peter Kuhn are in the Senate

The TUM has voted: The results of the university elections 2013 are final. There were elections for the positions of the student representatives for the student councils, for the Senate and for several faculty directors. The two student representatives in the Senate are Peter Zarnitz and Peter Kuhn.

Peter Zarnitz (left) and Peter Kuhn (right)
Representing the TUM students in the Senate and the University Council starting from October 1, 2013: Peter Zarnitz (left) and Peter Kuhn (right). (Photo: Melanie Schewtschenko)

Peter Zarnitz (19) is a student of Computer Sciences in his fourth semester. He has already been in the Senate and the TUM University Council since winter semester 2012 / 2013. Peter Kuhn (21) is a student of Mechanical Engineering in his fourth semester and was a member of the Student Council last year.

Apart from examination regulations and calls, both of them are also planning to take care of issues such as study rooms and study conditions. In their view, the study charges – the substitute for the cancelled tuition fees – are of particular importance. They should continue to be used only for near-time projects that help the students directly.

Increased election turnout

This year, a total of 12.47 percent of the students took part in the election of the Senate – an increase in comparison to the 11.64 percent of last year. The AStA and the departments’ council representatives had provided detailed information for the students in advance, by means of info-booths, background-information on the election, via the Internet and an election-magazine. Those who were elected will take up their positions at the beginning of the new academic year on October 1, 2013.

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