• 2/27/2014

TUM-BWL degree program obtains EPAS accreditation

International quality seal for business administration course

The Technology and Management (TUM-BWL) course has become the first German bachelor degree program to obtain the prestigious EPAS quality seal. The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) awards accreditation to business management degree programs of outstanding quality with international orientation. TUM-BWL combines education in management with a technical or science degree and optimally prepares students for international activities.

TUM-BWL builds a bridge between management and the natural and technical sciences. (Photo: A. Heddergott /TUM)
TUM-BWL builds a bridge between management and the natural and technical sciences. (Photo: A. Heddergott /TUM)

Many international companies require managers who have not only mastered business administration but also possess technical or scientific knowledge. The Technology and Management (TUM-BWL) course therefore educates students in both business administration and a science or engineering discipline - a unique combination. All course content is internationally oriented so that students are prepared for careers in companies with global operations. The faculty promotes stays abroad, invites in foreign guest lecturers and provides many courses in English.

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has now awarded this program its quality seal. The EFMD is a non-profit organization supported by around 800 members and is regarded as one of the most important accreditation institutions in the field of business administration. It carries out a rigorous evaluation based on international standards before awarding EPAS accreditation. The criteria cover aspects such as the student selection process, the curriculum and the career success of graduates.

“The EPAS accreditation indicates that our faculty not only conducts cutting-edge research but also provides outstanding study programs and conditions,” remarked the Dean Prof. Gunther Friedl. In recent years, the TUM-BWL course had already achieved several outstanding positions in the ranking of the German Centre for Higher Education (CHE). TUM-BWL is one of the TUM’s most popular degree programs and currently has over 2,000 students.

“International, interdisciplinary and competition-aware – that is the TUM’s maxim,” said President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann. “Innovations for the major societal challenges, such as in the energy industry or mobility concepts, can only be achieved if technology, the sciences and management work in tandem. This interdisciplinary approach is what makes our TUM School of Management stand out beyond excellent core competences.”  

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