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Optimal use of resources:

Learning how to learn

The university teaching team <link http://www.prolehre.tu-muenchen.de/cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=308&Itemid=29>&quot;ProLehre Lernkompetenzförderung&quot;</link> can help students to become more relaxed and better prepared for exams, to memorize more information from lectures and to strengthen one's motivation towards learning and studying.

Three students learning together
Often, things work out better in a group: The team of the TUM's "ProLehre Lernkompetenzförderung" has lots of useful tips. (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)

There is a wide range of workshops to get to know and to improve one's own learning behaviour. In addition, students can benefit from important stimuli to organise their learning and studying schedule. For TUM students, all offers are free of charge.


From one-day-courses to mini-workshops, from preparing learning materials to reworking lectures efficiently – the courses provide everything that a student needs to know about successful learning techniques for students. Our workshops help you to reflect on your own learning behaviour or to make use of the learning potential of mind maps in order to avoid learning frustration ... and much more. Sign up at www.prolehre.tum.de/learning

"Study Skills Day": May 13, 2014

The “Study Skills Day” on May 13, 2014, is once again focused on successful studying and learning. Where? In the Enrollment Hall at the TUM's main campus. The extensive program includes:

  • Information booths to present the services of various institutions
  • Hands-on activities to further exchange and to try out
  • Introductory workshops to give an overview of possible ways to organize a course of studies efficiently and to activate resources

Contact, information and registration:

Ellen Taraba , Michael Hellwig, Cornelia Entner & Christina Wekerle
ProLehre, Carl von Linde Akademie
Phone: (089) 289-25373
E-mail: lernkompetenzspam prevention@prolehre.tum.de
News: www.facebook.com/prolehre

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