• 4/14/2014

TUMnet Community:

Launch of the university's own social media platform

<link http://www.alumni.tum.de/en/networking/tumnet/>TUMnet Community</link>, the TUM's very own social media platform, will go live in May 2014. Connect with your fellow students and alumni, discuss specialist topics or share news and events! Also, the community might help you along career-wise by offering an opportunity to build and maintain a personal network.

Photos of multi-ethnical people in a visual screen with social networking themed images above
Networking, discussions and sharing news: The TUMnet Community will go live in May. (Photo: Rawpixel – Fotolia.com)

What does TUMnet have to offer?

  • Find fellow students, alumni and experts in your scientific field
  • Build and maintain business networks
  • Exchange of faculty-specific topics and personal interests
  • Various tools: classified ads, events, chat, etc.
  • Data security and a TUM-internal reference system (access only for registered users with TUM-ID, data hosted by TUM)

Who is involved?

Several groups have joined already: Here are some examples: Campuslauf, Deutschlandstipendium, Fachschaft MPI, Fakultät Maschinenwesen, IKOM, Junge Akademie, the TUM master's program of Urbanism, Top Industrial Managers for Europe, TU Film, TUM India Network Group, TUM Mentoring, Women of TUM.

How you can learn to use it:

In the summer semester of 2014, there are the following webinars (all of them starting at 4 pm):
* A virtual tour to the community
May 8 (German) / May 9 (English)
* Tips and Advice for group administrators
June 25 (German) / June 27 (English)

Application and all further information of TUMnet

More information:
Social Media at TUM

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Corporate Communications Center

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