• 07/18/2014

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Start of the new "Technologist" magazine

A new European science magazine has just been launched: the "Technologist" will be published in three languages and sold in 20 European countries. It arises from a new cooperation between independent journalists and universities.

Cover of the magazine "Technologist"
The first edition consists of 45.000 copies in French, English and German: the new magazine "Technologist". (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)

Technologist, the new science magazine, presents scientific topics in a modern and avant-garde style – and leaves no doubt about its European perspective. 45.000 copies will be printed of the first issue, in French, English and German.

The joint publication is published by a team of independent journalists and four leading universities in the fields of technology and innovation in Europe: the Technische Universität München, the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

Technologist will be available in 20 European countries, including France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. The magazine is based on a new press concept: an independent editorial office and funding from partner universities.

Shale gas: a comparison between the US and Europe


Although Technologist has a distinct European focus, the magazine also features topics concerning the rest of the world. The first issue focuses especially on the subject of the "augmented human" and the top-level research in robotized neuroprostheses in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil, thanks to which paralyzed people can regain their mobility.

A special dossier on shale gas compares the situation in the US with the situation in Europe and also highlights the political and scientific controversy about "fracking".

Authors: leading science journalists


The magazine cooperates with an extensive network of top-level scientific journalists from all over Europe who also write articles for magazines such as New Scientist, Nature, Der Spiegel and La Recherche. The layout is done by renowned graphic designers and illustrators who also worked on publications such as Domus, Wallpaper and Newsweek. The team is coordinated by the press agency LargeNetwork in Switzerland. The website is managed by a scientific publisher in Copenhagen.

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