• 12/4/2014

Optimal use of energy:

Learning can be learned

If you want to be relaxed and well prepared for your exams, try to make more of your lectures or increase your motivation for learning and studying: The university teaching team <link http://www.prolehre.tu-muenchen.de/cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=308&Itemid=29>"ProLehre Lernkompetenzförderung"</link> will support you.

Three students learning on the lawn
Learning in a group can be very helpful (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)

There are many workshops and online materials to get to know and improve your own learning behaviour. In addition, students will receive help to use the learning-methods throughout university-life. For TUM-students, all offers are free of charge.



From one-day-courses to mini-workshops, from preparing learning materials to reworking lectures efficiently – the courses cover everything that a student needs to know about successful learning techniques for students. Our workshops help you to reflect on your own learning behaviour or to make use of the learning potential of mind maps in order to avoid learning frustration ... and much more. Sign up at www.prolehre.tum.de/learning.

Online materials

We provide checklists and tips for successful learning, to be found in our Moodle course, which students join for free at any time. Signing up won't take long – and there are no further obligations.

Contact information and registration:
Ellen Taraba, Rudolf Aichner
ProLehre, Carl von Linde-Akademie
Tel. (089) 289-25373
E-mail: lernkompetenzspam prevention@prolehre.tum.de
News: www.facebook.com/prolehre

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