• 10/20/2016

TUM receives internationalization award for STEM fields

International at every level

An independent jury has determined that the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is the most international university in Germany in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The TUM is a role model for the STEM fields at other universities, said the jurors. The Best Performance Prize is part of the MINTernational funding program of the Stifterverband association, the Daimler Endowment Fund, and the Daimler and Benz Foundation.

TUM Asia students visiting Munich.  (image: Heddergott/TUM)
TUM Asia students visiting Munich. TUM's Singapore campus is part of its internationalization strategy. (image: Heddergott/TUM)

The MINTernational (MINT is the German equivalent for STEM) funding program focuses on university strategies for attracting overseas researchers and students. The jury felt that the TUM was particularly successful in this respect, that it "lived and breathed internationality at all levels of the university, from the professors to the administration".

The prize was awarded at the "How international should STEM be?" conference. Apart from the TUM, the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and Saarland University also received awards. In order to determine which university had the greatest degree of internationalization, their performance was measured with the help of 20 indicators alongside the findings of a progress report. The TUM received particularly high points for a significant increase in international students, who now account for 24 percent of the population; this figure was 20 percent for academic staff. The TUM is also highly active internationally in numerous other fields, and operates its own overseas offices in Beijing, Brussels, Cairo, Mumbai, San Francisco and Sao Paolo, and also in particular with the TUM Asia Campus in Singapore.
"We need more such beacons of internationalization in the STEM fields. International talent and international competencies both have a deep impact on the competitiveness of a region where science and business are concerned", said Volker Meyer-Guckel, deputy general secretary of the Stifterverband association.

TUM president Wolfgang A. Herrmann: "This prize serves only to reinforce our consistent internationalization strategy."

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