• 10/24/2016

Mobility Campus Garching:

63% use the public transport service

How do you get to Garching? How frequently do you use the public transport services? Are you interested in electromobility? In spring 2016, TUM conducted an online survey in order to investigate the behavior of the students and employees. 7,000 people took part. Now, we have the results.

By subway to Campus Garching: Nearly 63% of all students and staff use public transport almost every day. (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)
By subway to Campus Garching: Nearly 63% of all students and staff use public transport almost every day. (Photo: Andreas Heddergott)

All employees and students at TUM Garching were interviewed. The ratio of 75% students and 25% employees represents the current ratio of students to employees at the campus. The survey focused on the aspect of mobility, the “Modal Split”. The results are:

Public transport services
Nearly 63% of all students and employees use the public transport services almost every day, to get to the campus. About half of them are from the Munich area. As the campus is steadily growing and the number of students and employees is rising, public transport is getting more and more important. All in all, the survey shows a growing tendency towards non-motorized traffic, while motorized individual transport is declining.

Bicycle traffic
In nationwide comparison, a ratio of 13% cyclists is quite good – although there is, clearly, still potential. For Garching, these results are quite promising as well, as the city aims to be granted the official title of a bicycle-friendly district (“Fahrradfreudliche Kommune in Bayern”).

With only 3%, electromobility does not yet play an important role for the interviewees. However, more than 70% stated that they are generally interested and could imagine to rely on electromobility in the future. The figures show that the development of electromobility at the campus is one of the challenges of traffic planning.

What happens now?

TUM has already started to implement the suggestions for improvement. There have been debates with the City of Garching and the “Münchner Verkehrsverbund” to draw attention to the interviewees’ suggestions and wishes.

Due to its size and topography, Campus Garching is well suited for cycling. Green stretches along the Wiesäckerbach, for example, are attractive and bicycle-friendly, as the survey shows. Thus, TUM is planning to install better cycling facilities, to improve the cycle paths, and to implement several projects such as, e.g., a repair station with a bicycle pump, or a bicycle rental system.

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