• 5/9/2017

CHE Ranking: Prime conditions for studies of Business Administration and Information Systems

Students give TUM very good marks

Students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have bestowed excellent marks upon their university for the Business Administration and Information Systems programs. This is the result of the latest ranking by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). According to the ranking, students are very satisfied with the overall academic situation.

Students at the TUM campus
Students like the range of courses at TUM. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

In the most comprehensive ranking of its kind in the German-speaking world, CHE assesses individual programs of study at over 300 universities every three years. To this end, CHE surveys students and evaluates data. In over 20 categories, which vary from subject to subject, the universities are classified into three groups (top, middle and bottom).

Very good library, IT, and classrooms

The focus of the ranking lies on the verdict of the students. They positioned Business Administration at TUM in the top group in eleven out of twelve categories and Information Systems in eight out of twelve categories. In both disciplines the “overall academic situation” and range of courses, as well as professional and academic relevance were rated as excellent. The outfitting of the library, IT, and classrooms also received top marks.

Programs with a strong international orientation

TUM is also ranked in the top group in various data-based categories, such as the international orientation of programs and the number of doctorates granted per professor.

The ranking for Business Administration comprises all programs in the TUM School of Management.

Graduates rank eighth world-wide

In previous editions of the “CHE Ranking”, TUM students also bestowed good marks on other programs. The “Global Employability University Ranking,” which surveys some 6,000 managers in 20 countries, regularly attests to the excellent education received by TUM students in international comparison. Most recently, TUM ranked number eight world-wide.

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