• 05/04/2018

"maiTUM" and staff party

The "TUM Family" toasts the anniversary

Astronauts and a Ferris wheel, a marquee and parodies of the Minister President, a campus run and a jazz band: Students and staff celebrated the 150th anniversary of TUM yesterday with a varied program.

The anniversary attraction: a Ferris wheel with a view of the campus. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)
The anniversary attraction: a Ferris wheel with a view of the campus. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

Take a look at the entire campus from the Ferris wheel, listen to the TUM JazzBand, raise a glass with fellow students and staff members: The "TUM Family" celebrated the anniversary on a Ferris wheel, in the Mechanical Engineering main concourse surrounded by technological exhibits from 150 years and in the jam-packed "maiTUM" festival tent, where President Wolfgang A. Herrmann drove the tap into the ceremonial beer barrel with a single blow. The May Day celebration organized by the students continues today.

Sports enthusiasts were able to join in the Campus Run. With approximately 1,400 runners taking to the starting line, the Chair of Applied Mechanics won the team contest for 11 kilometers and the team “ZHS Triathlon” won the 5.5 kilometer segment.

Among the prominent guests were the astronauts of the 1993 D-2 mission, including Prof. Ulrich Walter. They spoke about the broad scientific spectrum covered by the 88 experiments on board, ranging from investigations on the human metabolism to the growth behavior of fish and fungus all the way to robot tests. Walter also provided insights into everyday routine and the paperwork on board – the crew had to process 230 fax messages.

Parody of three Minister Presidents – and of TUM

"I just want to send Walter back up in the air," joked Bavarian Minister President Markus Söder, referring to the new space flight program "Bavaria One" in his address to the festival – at least in the person of his alter ego Wolfgang Krebs. The satirist gave an exclusive performance, in which not one but three Bavarian (ex-) Minister Presidents and the German Chancellor spoke about TUM, mentioning for example "Professor Doctor Doctor honoris causa pontifex, uh multiplex Herrmann".

Using a variation of his famous speech on the Transrapid train, the former Minister President Edmund Stoiber (Krebs) went on to praise his own achievements on behalf of the infrastructure of the Garching Campus, including the subway connection via Garching-Hochbrück and Garching Zentrum: "Tell me another village outside of Munich that's got three main stations! You board at Garching and you only need ten minutes to get to Garching!" The performance could only be topped by the brass combo "Bayerische Löwen", who resurrected TUM founder Bavarian King Ludwig II to the music of Queen as the finale to the celebration.

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