• 5/8/2018

CHE University Ranking: high marks for study conditions

Students highly satisfied with teaching at TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been awarded top grades by its students. For the latest ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE), they were asked to rate their study experience in terms of numerous criteria. TUM scored multiple top grades in all assessed fields of study. The results for the School of Medicine were particularly impressive.

Training of medical students
The medical programs are oriented at interdisciplinary clinial cases. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

The CHE rates fields of study at more than 300 universities at three-year intervals. In the latest survey there was a special focus on natural and health sciences. To this end, the CHE analyzes data, but above all relies on the verdict of students. In more than 20 categories, which vary from subject to subject, universities are classified in three groups (top, middle or bottom).

TUM's results show numerous green dots, indicating scores in the top group. In biology, chemistry, informatics, mathematics, and medicine, students awarded top marks in the important category "general study conditions". TUM was also among the leaders in other key categories. For example, it ranked high for "studiability" (in biology, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, physics, sport sciences) and for "program offering" (in informatics, mathematics, medicine, sports sciences).

In addition, all subject areas scored points regarding individual facets of teaching and research. Areas where TUM very frequently achieved top scores were "international orientation" and "doctorates per professor".

Outstanding rankings in medicine

A field where TUM achieved especially impressive results was medicine, where it ranked in the top group in 19 of 24 categories. TUM has extensively overhauled its medical studies over the past 10 years. Many seminars apply an interdisciplinary approach to the study of real clinical cases. In the Medical Training Center, everyday clinical situations are simulated and filmed for detailed follow-up analysis.

TUM's newest field of study, political science, is already receiving excellent assessments too, especially for "support for new students" and the international orientation of its masters program. (As the programs were not introduced until 2016 or later, TUM is not yet listed here in most categories.)

Worldwide number eight ranking for graduates

The CHE listing is the most extensive set of rankings in the German-speaking countries. It is intended to serve as guidance for prospective students. TUM has also received excellent grades from its students in other subjects in previous CHE rankings.

The fact that TUM's graduates enjoy an excellent international reputation is reaffirmed regularly in the “Global Employability University Ranking”, compiled on the basis of a survey of 6,000 HR managers in 20 countries. TUM ranks number eight in this table.

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