• 7/30/2018

New career format

Welcome to JobTalk

Students ask specific questions, Alumni contribute their experiences. They meet via the helpful new format JobTalk. <br /><br />

Question-hour: at JobTalk, TUM alumni answer specific questions. (Photo: opolja - stock.adobe.com)
Question-hour: at JobTalk, TUM alumni answer specific questions. (Photo: opolja - stock.adobe.com)

It is a familiar situation from everyday student life: you have questions that no one around you can answer. You need someone who is knowledgeable and has insider tips, someone with whom you can also talk about sensitive topics in a confidential manner.

For example, you want to know more about different areas of work in consulting, or find out more about what an IT manager actually does. What are the advantages of a doctorate compared to direct career entry after studying Chemistry? Might you miss out on career opportunities if you reject a prestigious trainee program and continue to work for the company where you already worked as a student?

One hour’s time

In the new JobTalk format, TUM Alumni will spend one hour talking with a student and a doctoral candidate about a specific issue. This might be a telephone call, a Skype conversation or a personal meeting. The Alumni offer their insights, thereby supporting the younger generation in their career decisions. Prompt, uncomplicated and confidential.

A one-off contact

PhD student Emily Rall (Agricultural Science) has already tried it out, talking with her mentor Sebastian Büchs on the telephone about urban and regional planning. “It was a very good discussion. Mr Büchs gave me a great deal of very useful information as well as a few contacts. I was also luckily to provide some information, so that both sides profited from the conversation.”

The new program is intended to provide a one-off contact. For more in-depth questions and engagement, a one-year mentorship for TUM mentoring by Alumni is available for students. For more information, see TUM Mentoring from Alumni for students.

Are you an Alumnus or Alumna and want to share your expertise in a specific subject area? Write us a short, informal email to mentoringspam prevention@tum.de and let us know in advance, if possible, the questions for which you can be available as an advisor.

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