• 2/12/2019

Worldwide interest in TUM’s appointment and career system

Tenure track in the media

Clear promotion prospects based on transparent criteria and full independence right from the start of a career – TUM's tenure track system, launched in 2012, offers young professors opportunities unique in Germany. Numerous media worldwide have not only reported on the best-practice model, but also on the many scientific successes of the professors.<span id="1550068132629S" style="display: none;">

Prof. Kathrin Lang, tenure track professor for synthetic biochemistry, in the laboratory
Kathrin Lang was appointed to the tenure track professorship for synthetic biochemistry. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

Reports on the research of the tenure track professors:

Reports on TUM’s tenure track system:

This is a selection of the reporting. The availability of the articles may be limited in time.


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