• 5/7/2019
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Far reaching academic partnership

CEU and TUM sign cooperation agreement

Led by President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, a delegation from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) visited the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest today. President Herrmann and CEU Rector Michael Ignatieff signed an agreement on the cooperation between the two universities. The far reaching academic partnership is conditional on CEU’s ability to continue granting US academic degrees in Hungary.

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The agreement covers TUM faculty positions in three transnational dual appointments with CEU in Budapest in the field of politics, technology and society. Academic curricular activities will include joint seminars, workshops, summer schools, as well as course-based programs potentially leading to joint certificates and/or degrees accredited in Germany and the USA. Students, faculty and staff members will have exchange opportunities.  

The parties understand that the offer of the Bavarian government to support TUM’s engagement in Budapest is conditional on the ability of CEU to operate freely as a US degree granting institution in Hungary. In this light both parties call on the Hungarian government to provide CEU with the legal guarantees that would make it possible to inaugurate this new chapter in Hungarian and Bavarian academic and scientific cooperation.

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