• 8/1/2023
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TUM Student News Special: Interview with CIO Alexander Braun

AI on campus

Just a year ago, hardly anyone had heard of ChatGPT. Today, students, teachers and researchers use the tool as a matter of course. In this TUM Student News Special, TUM's Chief Information Officer, Dr. Alexander Braun, talks about what the new generation of generative AI means for studying and teaching.

Alexander Braun and Stefan Kögler in conversation in the ProLehre recording studio Wenzel Weber / TUM
TUM Student News Special: AI on campus

The use of AI tools such as ChatGPT or Grammarly has become common practice within a very short time. TUM is very much in favor of their use at university. After all, Artificial Intelligence can help us work even more efficiently and creatively in our studies and research. CIO Alexander Braun makes it clear, however, that this can only work if we use AI to develop skills – not to replace them.

See the full interview in the TUM Student News Special:

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