Artificial Intelligence (AI)

At TUM, we are investigating and developing intelligent systems, while keeping an eye on our responsibility for people and society at all times. Find out what's new in the fields of AI, robotics, machine learning and data science.

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Machine learning improves climate models

Climate simulation more realistic with Artificial Intelligence

Accurately modeling extreme precipitation events remains a major challenge for climate models. These models predict how the earth's climate may change over the course of decades and even centuries. To improve them especially with regard to extreme events, researchers now use machine learning methods otherwise applied to image generation.

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Artificial Intelligence Sustainability Research
Two drones used for the Aerial-AM project.
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3D printing drones work like bees to build and repair structures

Additive manufacturing in-flight

An international team of researchers have created a fleet of bee-inspired flying 3D printers for building and repairing structures in-flight. The technology could ultimately be used for manufacturing and building in difficult-to-access or dangerous locations such as tall buildings or help with post-disaster relief construction, say the researchers.

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Artificial Intelligence Research
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Researchers transmit digital twin of road traffic situation into vehicles

Bird’s-eye view improves safety of autonomous driving

In the Providentia++ project, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have worked with industry partners to develop a technology to complement the vehicle perspective based on onboard sensor input with a bird’s-eye view of traffic conditions. This improves road safety – also for autonomous driving.

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Artificial Intelligence Mobility
The Frauenkirche in Munich
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TUM and LMU's Munich Center for Machine Learning to receive permanent funding

Big coup for AI research in Munich

The Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML) will receive permanent funding from the German government and the state of Bavaria. MCML, a joint initiative by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), is one of six AI centers of excellence throughout Germany. As a result, regional research into artificial intelligence (AI) and particularly machine learning will gain considerable cachet within the knowledge hub of Munich and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence Campus news
Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu

July 22: Public Symposium on Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Artificial Intelligence today and tomorrow

In a public symposium on Friday, July 22, organized by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, researchers will give an overview of current advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Prof. Xiaoxiang Zhu and Prof. Daniel Cremers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will be among the speakers. The event is aimed at an interested public and will be broadcast live via online stream.

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Artificial Intelligence Event
President Thomas F. Hofmann (middle), Chancellor Albert Berger (l.), State Minister Markus Blume (3.f.l.), Dr. Peter Körte and Dr. Zsolt Sluitner from Siemens (r.), and Garching mayor Dr. Dieter Gruchmann (2.f.l.) at the topping-out wreath for the Siemens Technology Center.
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Topping-out ceremony for Siemens Technology Center at Garching Campus

New power for TUM's high-tech ecosystem

A mere nine months after the beginning of construction, the first section of the new Siemens Technology Center at the TUM Campus Garching has been completed. On Monday the topping-out ceremony was attended by high-ranking representatives from Siemens, TUM and the Bavarian State Government. The new building will house more than 450 researchers from Siemens and approximately 150 TUM employees and students who will work together on digital twins, the industrial Internet of Things, robotics and automation.

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Artificial Intelligence Campus news President
Prof. Daniel Rückert with his team at work in his lab.
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Federal and state governments approve funding for digital medicine and health center

Interdisciplinary research for the digital medicine of the future

The Zentrum für Digitale Medizin und Gesundheit (ZDMG) will bring together researchers in medicine, informatics and mathematics. They will collaborate on new healthcare developments based on data science and artificial intelligence and pursue clinical applications. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is to receive around 43.6 million euros in funding from the federal government and the state of Bavaria for the new research building at the university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar.

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Artificial Intelligence Research
Helmut Schönenberger, Vice President for Entrepreneurship, congratulates Manuel Thurner and Konstantin Mehl of Kaia Health Software.
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Start-up Kaia Health wins TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award

Award for digital treatment program

An app for treating chronic diseases, a construction robot and a cooling technology for quantum engineering applications: these products have been successfully launched by the start-ups Kaia Health Software, KEWAZO and Kiutra. Yesterday they were the final nominees for the TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award – with first prize going to Kaia Health. Before the announcement at the Entrepreneurship Day, guests from the EuroTech Universities Alliance discussed the European innovation ecosystem.

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Artificial Intelligence Quantum Technologies Entrepreneurship Research
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Minister President Söder opens TUM Hightech Summit 2022 at automatica

Artificial intelligence and robotics: exchange of ideas between trailblazing actors from industry and research

From next-gen intelligent systems and smart networks to robot-human interactions: at the second Hightech Summit under the auspices of the munich_i trade fair, scientists and industry experts offered a glimpse at how a future based on robotics and AI could look. Along with researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and such renowned institutions as Imperial College London and Delft University, participants included robotics trailblazers from Boston Dynamics and Berkshire Grey as well as representatives of SAP, Google and Roche.

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Artificial Intelligence Event
A woman participates in an online event
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Public webinar with researchers from TUM and Oxford Internet Institute on June 15

Webinar: Hidden labor of AI in the Global South.

Since October 2021, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) have been collaborating on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Part of the collaboration is a series of public webinars on AI and work. In the next edition on Wednesday, June 15, researchers will talk about the labor that that enables modern AI development, which is concentrated in the Global South.

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