• 3/2/2023
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Five outstanding lecturers honored for excellence in teaching

Dedicated to good teaching

Combining the latest research findings with innovative teaching methods and activating didactic concepts are at the heart of the Mission Statement "Excellence in Teaching and Learning at TUM". The more than 6,000 teachers at our university fulfill this promise with passion and commitment together with the students day by day. With Claudia Eckert, Christian Feilcke, Linda Liang, Friederike Schmidt-Graf and Cathleen Zeymer, five lecturers have now been honored for their exceptional contributions to excellence in teaching.

Common to all the honorees is an outstanding evaluation of their courses by their students. In particular, their ability to create a positive learning environment, to address the specific needs of the learners and to infect the students with their enthusiasm for the course content were highlighted. For this reason, they were nominated by their schools and departments with the support of the respective student council.

Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert, TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology, Chair of IT Security

In her lecture on IT security, Claudia Eckert succeeds in conveying an abstract and socially highly relevant field at the highest technical and didactic level. In dialog with the students and with great practical relevance, she makes topics such as web security and program analysis vivid and always brings new approaches to teaching, with which she optimally supports the interest and success of her students.

Dr. Christian Feilcke, TUM School of Management, Department of Economics & Policy

It has long been known that Christian Feilcke is passionate about good teaching: Seven times in a row he was awarded the Best Teaching Award of the TUM School of Management. Many of his students report that he is the best lecturer they have met during their studies so far. Through interdisciplinary approaches, the use of very different media, a strong focus on learning success and the encouragement of diversity, he succeeds in getting thousands of students excited about business issues and their social implications in his courses every semester.

Linda Liang, M.Sc., Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Chair of Epidemiology

In her courses in the mainly method-related modules of the Bachelor's and Master's programs of the Department of Sport and Health Sciences, Linda Liang is particularly oriented towards the needs of her students and tailors her teaching to them individually. She tries out varied, interactive and medially diverse formats, which she supplements by involving external experts – and finds confirmation of this in the popularity and success of her students.

PD Dr. Friederike Schmidt-Graf, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Neurology

Friederike Schmidt-Graf teaches her subject with passion and this is transferred to her students. She motivates them with a clear structure, transparent learning objectives and innovative teaching concepts that focus on teamwork. For example, she offers her lecture on neurology as a “flipped classroom,” in which students work out the basics of a topic themselves with the help of provided, self-produced screencasts, films and factsheets, and then apply them in practice. Friederike Schmidt-Graf is also involved in formats such as hackathons and the department's “Let me” program for extracurricular input.

Prof. Dr. Cathleen Zeymer, TUM School of Natural Sciences, Professorship of Protein Chemistry

Students particularly appreciate the interactivity and personal communication in Cathleen Zeymer's lectures. With careful preparation, didactic expertise and social competence, she succeeds in creating a learning atmosphere that promotes the active participation and critical reflection of the participants, as her students report: “The passion she brings to her subject and her teaching is palpable, and creates a pleasant learning climate that motivates the students to engage more closely with the topic.”

More ideas for teaching: TUM Future Learning Initiative 2023

By the way: Currently, the TUM Future Learning Initiative 2023 is running. In this competition, students can submit their ideas and suggestions for good teaching at TUM. All information can be found at www.tum.de/future-learning.

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