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Academicus: Ideas for improving studies and teaching wanted

Shaping the university

TUM has more than 40,000 students, 10,000 employees and countless alumni – a huge potential for innovation and creativity. They can all contribute their ideas to the Academicus Ideas Competition. Whether it's about more culture on campus, digital formats in teaching or more space for bikes: every idea for improving teaching, studying and campus life is welcome. The current round of Academicus runs until July 31, 2021.

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“Shape your Campus!”

In line with the motto “Shape your Campus!”, all members of TUM – i.e. students, employees and our alumni – can present their ideas until July 31, 2021: How do we strengthen the TUM community in a period with few real opportunities to meet? What tools could we use to improve teaching and studying in an uncomplicated manner? How can we raise awareness for important issues of living and working together?

Whether technical, social or didactic – any suggestion is welcome. Submit your proposal at www.tum.de/ideascompetition! Paper, graphic or video – all proposals will be entered into the competition.

An expert jury consisting of representatives from the various departments of our university will examine them for their feasibility and evaluate them. The best concepts will not only be awarded 500 euros each, they will also be incorporated into new projects. Experts from TUM will accompany the implementation.

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Pianos and publications

In the almost 20 years of its existence, students, employees and alumni have contributed countless creative ideas to the Academicus Ideas Competition. Last year, for example, Alexander Farr's proposal “TUM Future of Education” provided an important impetus for anchoring self-reflection and conflict-avoiding teamwork in TUM's curricula. The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning is currently developing a concept for the concrete implementation of the proposal.

The year before, Simiam Ghan came up with “Meet at the Piano” an idea that may have been made even more appealing by the experience of the Corona pandemic: TUM sets up pianos at various locations in Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan, creating very special places to meet, exchange ideas and make music together.

One of the winning ideas of the Academicus 2012 was the proposal of a TUM-owned publishing house that would release outstanding project, seminar and final theses. Since 2016, students, graduates and employees have been able to make their work easily and quickly available to the public in five series of the TUM.University Press, which was set up by the University Library.

Ideas competitions at TUM: Academicus and TUM Future Learning Initiative

With the “TUM Future Learning Initiative” and the Academicus, there are two idea competitions for studies and teaching at TUM. The TUM Future Learning Initiative takes place every third year, and the Academicus Ideas Competition in the two years in between.

The TUM Future Learning Initiative was held for the first time last year. Students developed creative ideas for studying and teaching that all TUM students and employees could vote on. With “Plant a Seed” students from the environment of the winning entry “Sustainable Living Lab” have now launched the first initiative.

After the current round of the competition, submissions for the Academicus Ideas Competition will be possible throughout the year. So if you don't manage to submit your proposal by the end of July, you can participate in the next round as early as August.

Whether you are a student, an employee or an alumnus: Present your idea for improvements in studies and teaching, shape the campus and everyday life for the entire TUM community!

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