• 11/23/2022
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The first TUM Student Club Fair: A Forum for engagement and exchange

TUM Student Clubs present themselves

Since “Akaflieg” was founded around 100 years ago, students at TUM have been involved in numerous initiatives. Today, there are more than 140 student groups at our university. They are dedicated to social causes and sustainability, to groundbreaking technologies and innovative entrepreneurship, or to the arts and intercultural dialogue. At the first TUM Student Club Fair, all members of the TUM family can experience this diversity: On November 29 and 30, student initiatives will present themselves at the Munich campus.

Arvid Uhlig / TUM4Mind [M]
On November 29 and 30, TUM Student Clubs present themselves to interested students and employees in the Immatrikulationshalle.

Studying is so much more than just courses and exams. A colorful campus life is at least as important. And the student initiatives at TUM make a special contribution to it. TUM Student Clubs offer students a space in which they can explore their interests, discover their talents, and pursue their visions. Well over a thousand students take advantage of these opportunities and get involved – for society, for science, and not least for the development of their own personalities.

Get inspired, get involved

To make their initiatives even more visible, meet like-minded people, and find new supporters for their Student Club, around 70 of TUM's student initiatives will be presenting themselves to students and staff at the end of November. Under the motto "get inspired, get involved," they will put their activities and projects on display at the first TUM Student Club Fair. It will take place on November 29 and 30 between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Immatrikulationshalle on the Munich campus.

On Tuesday, November 29, you will find Student Clubs focusing on topics around

  • Business & Entrepreneurship,
  • Networking & Career,
  • Social & Diversity,
  • Technology & Research,

on Wednesday, November 30, Student Clubs focusing on topics around

  • Academic & Education,
  • Culture & the Arts,
  • International & Country-Specific,
  • Religious & Spiritual,
  • Sustainability & Health.

Get to know the student initiatives at TUM, meet the minds behind the Student Clubs, and find a place for your involvement!

Participation is of course free of charge, and registration is not necessary.

All information about the event and the TUM Student Clubs can be found at www.tum.de/en/student-clubs.

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