Advice for Students from Students

The TUM Departmental Student Councils have numerous students eager to support fellow students when questions arise about their studies.

Current Information - Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 - Covid-19

Please be sure to check our info-website on current measures regularly for updates.

The TUM Departmental Student Councils

The student council of a specific discipline (i.e. mechanical engineering), which represents students in addressing issues with the department, is the first point of contact when problems or questions arise. The TUM boasts a total of 19 departmental student councils. If you want to know which student council is responsible for your college or school, how to reach your representative, what services are available, and how you can become active in your student council, visit the student council homepage of your respective department.

Networking Online: Student Forums

Several departments have created online forums that allow students to post and discuss questions related to their studies, individual course offerings, or the general operation of the university.