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Frequently Asked Questions about application, admission and related subjects

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What degree courses can I study at TUM?

TUM offers a wide range of bachelor's and master's programs, as well as advanced degrees, certificates and many more. Visit our pages for more info.

What does TUM offer for international students?

TUM has a lot to offer - from international degree courses to exchange programs, mentoring programs, summer and winter schools .... visit our pages for international students to find out more.

What kind of health insurance do I need as a student?

Health and nursing care insurance are mandatory for all students in Germany. Therefore, proof of sufficient medical coverage and of regular contributions to a nursing care insurance plan must be submitted in order to enroll at a German university. In concrete terms, you should obtain proof of sufficient medical coverage before enrolling. Further details

Where can I apply for BAföG (student financial aid)?

The "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung" ("Educational Maintenance Office") is responsible for BAföG. Further information on applying for financial aid is also available from the Munich Student Union (Studentenwerk München).

Who can help me find a place to stay?

When does the semester start? When are semester breaks?

For semester dates and deadlines, visit our pages.

Application and Admission

Can I study at TUM without a general higher education entrance qualification?

Under certain conditions, you can study at the TUM without a general higher education entrance qualification. Further details

What are the different admission procedures?

Admission to degree courses at TUM is handled by different admission procedures. There are degree courses with 

  • unrestricted admission
  • restricted admission - Numerus Clausurs (NC)
  • aptitude test
  • aptitude recommendation.

Click here to find out more.

What's the difference between admission and enrollment?

To study at TUM, you need to be admitted to a degree course as well as enrolled as a student at TUM.

Admission is granted if you fulfil the formal criteria and/or pass the admission process for a degree program. This means that you are qualified for the degree program you applied for and are therefore offered a study place. Admission to a degree program is necessary to be enrolled. 

Enrollment (or immatriculation) means becoming a student at TUM. By being enrolled, you are granted student status, you can sign up for courses and exams, use the library etc. 

During the application process, a clear distinction is made between documents required for admission and documents required for enrollment. 

The exact nature of the documents required for each step may vary depending on your previous studies, qualification etc. TUMonline generates an individual list for you at the end of the online application process. 

Please note that the deadlines for the submission of the documents for admission and for enrollment may be different - for more information, please refer to the degree program you intend to apply for. 

What are the requirements to study at TUM?

Apart from a high motivation, there are several formal requirements you must meet in order to study at TUM.

The specific requirements vary depending on your personal background and the degree course you are interested in. To find out more about the specifics, visit our pages on application at TUM.

Generally speaking, you need a higher education entrance qualification for bachelor's degree courses or a first university degree for master's degree courses. Further requirements can be, but are not limited to, language skills, internships, letters of recommendation etc.

I want to study medicine - how do I apply?

TUM only offers the second stage of studies in medicine - clinical work. For more info, click here.

What is an Aptitude Test?

The purpose of the aptitude test is to evaluate your suitability for the desired degree program based on certain criteria (e.g. certain subject-specific grades from your university entrance qualification report).
More information

What factors will I need to consider as a foreign applicant?

Click here for further details on international applications. 

I have a bachelor's degree in XY. What master's programs do I qualify for?

Each master's program has specific requirements your bachelor's degree needs to meet in order to qualify. Executive master's degrees also require professional experience. 

Since the requirements vary depending on your degree as well as the degree you with to apply for, we advise you to contact Student Advising or the Departmental Student Advisor for your particular degree program.

Online Application (TUMonline)

How does the online application work?

To find out more about the online application via TUMonline, please visit our pages on online application

What do I have to consider before applying online?

We strongly advise you to find out all about the specific requirements for your desired degree program before you apply. 

Starting an online application without having access to the required documents or grades is not advisable. We do not admit students based on how early they apply, but based on their suitability.

You will, however, have to comply with the application deadlines.  

Where can I find my applicant number?

Your applicant number is stated in your TUMonline Account.

Under "My Applications", your applicant number can be found at the very top of the page. 

What does the status of my documents mean?

In your document checklist provided in your TUMonline Account, you will find a list of all documents you need to submit to TUM and their respective status.

Here is what the status mean:

  • not provided: This means that we have not yet received the document. Please be aware that due to the high number of applications we receive, it may take up to several weeks before we can process your documents.
  • received: This means we have received the document, but have not checked it yet.
  • incorrect: This means there is some kind of problem with the document. Be sure to check the document details to find out what you need to do to remedy the issue.
  • ok: This document is ok, and you do not have to do anything else about it.

Overview of document status in TUMonline - Download as PDF (0.1MB)

Application Documents

Which documents do I have to provide?

The type and number of documents required for application depends on your personal background and the degree course you apply for.

TUMonline will generate a complete list for your individual application at the end of the online application process. 

To give you a first idea, these are some of the documents most frequently needed in an application: 

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification
  • First University Degree (Bachelor's Degree)
  • proof of internships or professional experience
  • proof of language skills
  • CV
  • letter of motivation
  • essay

How and when do I have to submit my documents?

The most important deadline is the application deadline. You will find the deadline for every program in our program overview.

Within the specific deadline, you need to submit your online application and send your admissions application form (generated by TUMonline) to TUM via mai. 

Please note: The documents have to arrive at TUM within the deadline - just sending them in time is not sufficient. 

The address you need to send your documents to is noted in the admissions application form. 

I dont' have everything - can I hand in some documents later?

The deadlines for the submission of documents can be found in the degree program overview. Generally, all documents have to be provided by the end of the respective deadline. The details regarding your individual case will be displayed in your TUMonline account.

Please send us as many required application documents as possible, ideally all them, in a single envelope by mail. Repeated submission of individual documents by mail leads to considerable delays in processing your application.

If you are unable to mail all required documents at once, always include a cover sheet with any subsequently submitted documents, including your applicant and application number. You will find the cover sheet under the tab "Required documents" in your TUMonline account. Information on individual documents can be found in our document glossary.

Do I also have to provide a hard-copy of my application documents?

Yes, even if you have already received email confirmation of admission. You must always send in a back-up paper copy of the data you have submitted online. Your documents have to arrive at TUM within the designated deadline.

Where can I have my documents notarized?

Copies of certificates obtained outside of the TUM can be certified/norized by a public authority (e.g. at the municipal registration office), a notary or (in cases where a translation is needed) by a sworn interpreter. More information

What's the difference between a diploma and a certificate?

  • The diploma is an official document with a seal, confirming you have been awarded a particular academic title by a university.
  • The certificate is an offical document verifying that you have successfully passed your degree program examination and indicates the overall grade earned on the examination. It also states the topic of and overall grade for your thesis. In some cases, the certificate may also list your final grades in individual components of your degree program.
  • Both of these documents must be submitted when applying for a master's degree program (see your document checklist in TUMonline).You can submit the diploma/certificate up to five weeks after classes begin, but please note that you will not be fully enrolled until these documents have been submitted.

Please note: In some countries a single document may act as both diploma and certificate, i.e. confirming your academic title as well as stating your grades. 

Where can I get more info on specific documents?

Our glossary of documents explains every document you need for an application. You can also find out more about the required form of every document - i.e. simple copy, notarized copy etc.

Student Documents

Where can I find my student documents?

  • You can download your proof of enrollment directly from TUMonline. This document can be found under "Print Documents" in your TUMonline profile.
  • Along with your proof of enrollment, you will also find a confirmation of enrollment to present to the Deutsche Bahn, as well as your enrollment record and social security certification for download.

I am unable to download my student documents. What can I do?

  • You can only download your student documents for the upcoming semester once you have (re-)enrolled and paid your student fees in full. Once this has been done, the menu item "Print Documents" appears in your TUMonline profile.
  • If the menu item still does not appear or if you are experiencing difficulties downloading your documents, please contact studium(at)tum.de, state your full name and application number, and provide a detailed description of the problem.

My student documents contain incorrect information. How can I correct it?

If the information in your student documents is incorrect, please write to studium(at)tum.de stating your full name, application number and a detailed description of the problem.

Examinations and Results

How do I sign up for exams?

  • Go to your profile in TUMonline, click on "Study status/Curriculum" and choose the desired examination from your schedule of courses.
  • If you would like to sign up for an exam that is not part of your curriculum, click on "Exam Registration/Withdrawal" in your profile. Here you can search and register for the relevant exam by clicking on "Register".
  • How-to
  • If you are experiencing difficulties registering for an exam, please contact it-support(at)tum.destating your full name, student ID number and a detailed description of the problem.

How do I get a printout of my examination and course grades?

Go to your profile in TUMonline and click on "Student Performance Record". Here you can download and print out an examination record or grade report showing all your grades to date.
If you encounter problems or have further questions, please contact it-support(at)tum.de.

I am unable to sign up for exams. What can I do?

The most common reasons why exam registration does not work are as follows:
1. Exam details are incorrect (number, title, date).
2. The exam has not yet been created or released for online registration.
3. Deadlines for the examination have passed. In this case, the exam no longer appears in the system or the registration button is hidden.
4. The exam does not yet have a date and therefore does not appear in the system.

Please contact the relevant Student Affairs Office and describe the problem.

Semester fees and semester ticket

What fees do I have to pay at TUM?

There are no tuition fees per law in Germany. 

In order to study at TUM you do, however, have to pay the student union fee and a solidarity contribution for the Semester Ticket. To find out more about the current amount and methods of payment, visit our homepage.

Please note that some executive master's program charge additional fees. 

I am currently taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from university - do I still have to pay?

Yes, generally speaking you still have to pay your fees. Under certain conditions you can, however, apply for a refund - More information on fees

I am enrolled in 2 degrees (dual degree) - do I have to pay twice?

Students completing two degree programs (dual degree) at the TUM simultaneously are only required to pay their student fees once. Students enrolled at two different universities at the same time are also only required to pay the student union fee and the solidarity contribution at one university, but proof of payment must be provided to the other university.

Can I apply for an exemption from the solidarity contribution?

Generally no. There are, however, exeptions for seriously handicapped students - find out more.

What is the deadline for paying the fees?

  • Your fees should be paid as soon as possible after notification of admission. Only after our records show that we have received full payment may you enroll at the TU München and gain student status.
  • More information on paying student fees

Where can I find my student fees account?

Your student fees account can be found in your TUMonline profile under "Tuition fees". (How-To)
Your account page gives you an overview of payments made, as well as outstanding payments, and provides information on how to make a bank transfer.

If you encounter problems or have further questions, please contact studium(at)tum.de.

What services can I use with my Semester Ticket?

The fee for the semester ticket ist automatically collected with the Student Union fees upon enrollment. The Semester Ticket authorizes students with a valid student ID to use all forms of transportation within the MVV network during the week from 6 pm to 6 am (during off-peak hours) and on weekends and holidays. For students wishing to use their Semester Ticket for dialy travel to and from the university, we recommend the IsarCard Semester.

What is the Isar Card Semester, and where can I get it?

The IsarCard Semester is a supplementary ticket which entitles students bearing a student ID and an official photo ID card to use all forms of transportation within the MVV network without restrictions.

You can purchase it at MVV sales pointes, for more info visit the MVV pages

Curriculum Support

After completing my bachelor's degree I have enrolled in a master's - but TUMonline still says bachelor. Why?

TUMonline always shows your student status as of today. The enrollment in a master's degree course is only valid from the first day of the first semester of your master's degree - so the status is updated on the first day of the next semester. 

Winter semester starts on 01.10., summer semester on 01.04. 

Where can I find all current degree courses and the corresponding curricula?

You can always find all current degree courses in the application "degree programs" in TUMonline.

There, you will also find your curriculum. The structure of the application is organized on the basis of the different versions of the Academic and Examination Regulations. So you will need to select the version which applies to you. 

How can I view all current course schedules?

The application “degree programs” in TUMonline lists all current degree programs. Via the applicable version of the Academic and Examination Regulations, you can view the course schedule and the semester plan. 

What's the difference between a module and a course?

The term module describes a superordinate unit within a degree course. It consists of a specific set of separate courses which are related in terms of their content. 

A course is completed within a single semester, while a module may contain courses and examinations which are spread over several semesters.

To give an example: 

  • Module A
    • Examination XY im winter semester 2
      • Result XY
    • Courses offered within the module
      • course 1 in summer semester 1
      • course 2 in winter semester 1

The name of the module and the courses offered within it may be the same, but this does not have to be the case.

Where can I find an overview of all modules?

The application "module catalog" in TUMonline shows all published module descriptions. You will find them under the appropriate school/faculty/department etc.