Family and studies? The TUM family service offers support to students who are juggling such responsibilities.
Family and studies? The TUM family service offers support to students who are juggling such responsibilities.Image: Astrid Eckert

Students with Families

Pursuing a university education while coping with familial obligations represents a special challenge. The TUM is committed to supporting its students in managing this balancing act. The goal is to help them complete a course of study while fulfilling their familial obligations, whether raising a child or caring for family members with special needs.

Maternity Protection Act for Students

Since January 1st, 2018 the Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, MuSchG) also extends to students. This brings several changes - for example, you now have the option of directly continuing your studies after having a child by choosing to waive your right to a period of protection as pertaining to exams or lectures.

Be sure to contact your faculty or department as soon as possible - this is the best way to create an individual solution and prevent any possible disadvantages concerning the progress of your studies.

More information may also be found in the guidelines to the Materinity Protection Act issued by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (PDF, German)

TUM Family Services provides advice and support to employees and students so they can determine the best way to reconcile their studies and familial responsibilities.
On the family services homepage you will find the key points of contact as well as information about child day care facilities, both on- and off-campus. Information regarding care for special-needs dependents, in addition to the legal requirements covering exams and leaves of absence, is also available. more

For students who are either expecting a child or already have a child, the Munich Student Union offers a wide range of services. This includes openings at child day care facilities, by-the-hour day care services, discussion groups and information seminars. The Munich Student Union homepage also has numerous tips and a collection of helpful links. more