Online Application at TUM

In order to apply at TUM, you need to open a TUMonline account. Here is what you need to know about the online application process.

Online Application Guides

Frequently asked questions and answers

You can open a TUMonline account by registering with a valid email address. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Further information on account and login in TUMonline can be found in the manual provided by our IT-Support.

Please don’t open more than one account – you can apply for several degrees programs with the same one. Creating several accounts might even prevent you from applying at all.

You already have an account? Then log in and go to “applications” under your “Business card/Workspace”. Have you forgotten your password?

You can choose to view the wizard in English using the “DE/EN” button in the upper right hand corner.

You can apply for all degree courses which are currently open for application. Outside of these time frames an application is not possible. You can find more info on application deadlines on the info pages about our degree courses.

You can find a list of the required documents on the info pages about the degree courses. Depending on the degree course you wish to apply for, you will need to prepare some things beforehand - an essay, for example. 

The online application wizard will then guide you through the application. Online application guides

You made a mistake during the online application? Don’t panic:

  • personal data like your name, address, nationality etc. cannot be changed once the registration in TUMonline is complete. So please be sure to check your input thoroughly. If you make a mistake or a typo nonetheless, we will correct it once we check your documents.
  • In subsequent applications, i.e. if you have already sent at least one online applications beforehand, you can no longer change specific data. This includes your university entrance qualification as well as your academic background. We also review and correct this information once your documents are processed. 
  • "Start of course" and "degree program" are special cases. They determine many other factors during your online application, and can only be changed until you confirm the data you have given. After this, you will have to start a completely new application if you want to modify either aspect.  
  • Once you send the online application, replacing the documents you uploaded is not allowed. So please make sure you select the correct files to upload.

Be sure to wait for your documents to be checked before you contact us about a mistake or a typo. If the error still persists after your application has been reviewed, please contact

The online application is the first step of your application for a degree program at TUM. For applications for summer semester 2020 or later, you no longer have to submit any hardcopies at this point. 

The second step is enrollment. This takes place only after you have received admission and accepted your study place. For enrollment, you will have to hand in certain documents in a specific form – e.g. as notarized hardcopies. As soon as you have received admission and accepted your study place, the relevant information will appear in your TUMonline account. You can find an overview of the necessary steps for enrollment here: Enrollment via TUMonline.

Check the status of your application regularly in your TUMonline account. If we need any further documents, this is where you will be notified – also be sure to check your inbox and your spam folder regularly.

Browser Support and Document Format

  • Not all features of TUMonline are available on mobile devices. It is therefore not advisable to use tablets or smartphones for your online application.
  • For most documents, only PDF-files can be uploaded. Before starting the application, make sure your documents are in the correct format. 

Start the online application

All set? Then you are ready to start the online application in TUMonline.

Not sure which program is right for you? Our student advisors are happy to help.