Accommodation: Contact details and advice

Have you questions about finding accommodation or our support services? The following list will point you in the right direction.

You are a TUM student if this is where you will obtain your final qualification.


However, as an alternative to a personal consultation, we are currently offering our new advising services:
video chat: Please write us an email to supportwohnen(at) with your questions. We will then contact you to make an appointment and send you the relevant contact details.

The TUM Living will be continually updated and regulary maintained


Housing Service at the TUM Center for Study and Teaching (formerly SSZ)

Arcisstr. 21
80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 289 22687 (available: Mon. - Fri.: 9 am- 12 am; Mon. - Thurs.: 1 pm - 4 pm)

The housing advising service is a free and independent service on all TUM Campuses und provides tips on finding accommodations. Please note: we have no housing and cannot provide access to any.

Munich Student Union
Informations on accommodation: e.g. halls of residence, general consultation, housing referral service and more.

Munich Student Union: Accommodation

Are you studying at TUM for a semester or two as part of an exchange program (e.g. Erasmus+, TUMexchange), but registered to complete your qualification at a foreign university? Then you are considered to be an exchange student.

Accommodation Support at the TUM Global & Alumni Office
Arcisstr. 21
80333 Munich
Room 0196
Tel. +49 89 289 25024
Fax +49 89 289 25458

TUM Global & Alumni Office: Accommodation for Exchange Students

International PhD students can receive advice and support from the accommodation office of the TUM Graduate School as long as you are still in your home country – in other words, before you arrive at TUM.

TUM Gradutate School Welcome Office
Boltzmannstr. 17
85748 Garching
Tel. +49 89 289 25445

TUM Graduate School: Informations for applicants on finding accommodation in the Munich Metropolitan Area

The Integration Service of the Munich Dual Career Office helps TUM professors and their families find a suitable place to live in Munich or the surrounding areas.

Munich Dual Career Office
Augustenstr. 46
80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 289 25233
Fax +49 89 289 25560

Munich Dual Career Office

Our accommodation service provides accommodation search support and has a small allocation of rooms in guesthouses.

Accommodation Service at the Equal Opportunity Office
Barer Str. 21
80333 Munich
Tel. +49 89 289 22319

Accommodation Service

Use the university's own appartment listings to search for accommodation – or place an ad yoursel. If you have questions about this service, please contact:

Housing Service at the TUM Center for Study and Teaching (formerly SSZ)
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München
Tel. +49 89 289 22687

Appartment listings: browse or place ad