Withdrawing from Examinations – Medical Certificates

What to do in case of illness?

Please review the examination regulations outlined in section 13, paragraph 2 of the ADPO or section 10, paragraph 7 of the APSO depending on your course of study. If you are unable to participate in an examination, you must immediately submit a written request for withdrawal to the chair of the examination committee of your course of study. Do not submit the request to the Graduation Office and Academic Records department.

More information on the request for withdrawal and the relevant contact person is available on the website of your school or department:

When must the medical certificate be produced?

The medical certificate must be the result of a physical examination performed on the same day as the withdrawal request.

What information must the medical certificate include?

Important: On its own, a confirmation along the lines of "unable to participate in examination: yes / no" is insufficient.
The examination committee can only approve withdrawal requests for the period in which the reasons for non-participation are deemed to be credible and documented. For this reason the medical certificate must contain the following information:

  • The timeframe — beginning and end date — of the illness-related withdrawal.
  • The medical certificate must state the reasons for withdrawal in such a way as to allow the examination committee to clearly conclude that you were unable to participate (i.e. mandatory bed rest or the inability to come to, and/or be physically present during the examination without experiencing severe pain or discomfort). A medical diagnosis is not required. If the attending physician believes a medical diagnosis provides a more plausible explanation than just a description of the symptoms, without unreasonably compromising the patient's privacy, a medical diagnosis can still be supplied.
  • The physician is essentially tasked with providing a qualified medical opinion as to whether withdrawal from a course examination is warranted.
  • If you are undergoing inpatient treatment, written confirmation from the hospital or treatment facility must be provided.

Please refer to the mediacal certificate requirements and other information described in this document (PDF, 117 KB) (German); feel free to hand it to the practice treating you.

TUM Partner Physicians

  • If you unable to participate in an examination due to illness, the chairman of the examination committee can request a medical certificate from one of the university's partner physicians.
  • A list of TUM's participating physicians, including name and address, can be found here and in display cases in the Graduation Office and Academic Records department and the offices of the examination committee.
  • The TUM School of Medicine (Klinikum Rechts der Isar) is responsible for attesting special medical conditions, in particular neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

List of TUM Partner Physicians