Lifelong learning

Today’s working world is changing more dynamically than ever before. In this fast moving environment expert professionals and leaders must embrace the opportunity of lifelong learning to best equip themselves to confront a host of new and complex challenges. As a forward thinking university the Technical University of Munich has founded the TUM Institute for Life Long Learning to support leaders confront the challenges of tomorrow.

The mission of the TUM Institute for Life Long Learning is to promote the continuous, research-based education of international professionals at all stages of their career. TUM’s unique ecosystem can cater to the needs of science, business and wider international society in specialist and interdisciplinary fields with a particular focus on management and leadership. Utilizing the latest in digital innovation, the Institute offers programs in further education that integrate the best of technical and natural sciences offered at our university. The TUM Institute for Life Long Learning is dedicated not only to equipping participants with the knowledge they need, but also to develop them as responsible and effective leaders capable of confronting the social challenges of tomorrow.

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