CareerDesign@TUM: New career paths for mid-level academic staff

CareerDesign @ TUM is a systematic qualification program for mid-level academic staff that is specific to certain fields of activity. The innovative program opens up attractive options for a scientific career alongside the professorship. Following the logic of lifelong learning as a fundamental understanding of education, CareerDesign @ TUM promotes proactive management of one's own career and offers TUM employees for part-time, structured further qualification.

Five fields of activity

CareerDesign @ TUM opens up five attractive qualification paths that enable you to develop your talents and interests. We will work with you to identify an area of ​​activity that suits you. We offer you five qualification paths:

  • TUM Researcher (Scientific Service): The qualification profile of the TUM Researcher is aimed at people who are striving for a responsible position in the immediate vicinity of the professorships with a reduced scope of teaching, for example in research participation / coordination or third-party funding applications.
  • TUM Lecturer (Academic Teaching): The TUM Lecturer's qualification profile is aimed at people who want to focus on academic teaching. It prepares the participants for their work as a self-reliant lecturer or instructional designer with research-oriented teaching contributions.
  • TUM Science Manager (science management): The qualification profile of the TUM Science Manager is aimed at people who focus on the control of science-supporting units (such as the management of schools / departments or research clusters) or central university services (such as the appointment staff, TUM ForTe or International Center).
  • TUM Entrepreneurial Advisor (innovation and spin-off management): The qualification profile of the TUM Entrepreneurial Advisor is aimed at people who want to work in innovation and spin-off management. It prepares the participants for the promotion of up-and-coming entrepreneurial talents in the preparation and implementation of company foundations in the technology sector.
  • TUM Technical Expert (scientific-technical company): The qualification profile of theTUM Technical Expert is aimed at people who work in scientific-technical companies. The participants are responsible, for example, for the operation and further development of equipment infrastructures (e.g. large devices, TUM Core Facilities) or for technology transfer (e.g. standardization, industrial consulting) and work, for example, in technical testing institutes / central laboratories, IT centers or in the TUM Institute for data science.

Three-level Qualification Program

CareerDesign @ TUM is characterized by its three-stage, modular qualification model, which enables development from entry level to senior level and includes an extra-occupational, structured qualification program. Each of the three levels has a different focus:

  • In the first qualification level, the focus is on imparting specialist skills and fundamental cross-sectional skills.
  • In the second qualification level, the focus is on relevant management skills for the respective activity (e.g. change management, project management).
  • In the third qualification level, the focus is on the acquisition of leadership skills (personnel management, personnel selection, strategic leadership).

The qualification elements of CareerDesign @ TUM consist of a combination of formal training units and a high proportion of self-study phases. Mentoring, observations, project work and individual qualification elements round off the modular qualification offer and ensure transfer into the work context. After each level there is a certification of the competence acquisition. Each of the qualification levels is certified independently. We expect and encourage these attitudes: Entrepreneurial thinking and acting, innovative spirit, flexibility, loyalty, performance motivation, goal orientation, learning orientation, self-reflection.

CareerDesign@TUM: Online-Events

With "CareerDesign @ TUM. Attractive career paths in addition to the professorship", the TUM Institute for Life Long Learning is offering a 6-part online series of events that will inform you about the new qualification program for mid-level academic staff. You will get interesting insights into fields of activity in the areas of research, teaching, science management and much more. and learn about best practice approaches from our high-ranking initiators. The series of events is aimed at interested members of the academic mid-level who would like to pursue an alternative career path in addition to the professorship.