TUM Center for Study and Teaching

TUM Center for Study and Teaching bundles academic, planning, operational and administrative matters in study and teaching.

For prospective and current students, the TUM Center for Study and Teaching offers numerous services and covers all aspects of central student support. In addition, it supports teaching staff and teaching institutions in the development and quality management of study programs and provides incentives for innovative teaching through teaching awards and support programs.

Current and prospective students can consult the Studient Information and the General Student Advising. On our advising pages you will find an overview of all information and offers.

This unit bundles information and advising services related to studying at TUM. The wide range of services includes events on study orientation, personal advising sessions, academic coaching, help for those looking for housing, as well as the Office for Disabled and Chronically Ill Students. Here you can find all contacts.

This unit is responsible for all questions regarding applications, enrollment and exmatriculation, leave of absence or re-registration.

This unit is responsible for the handling of fees, the awarding of scholarships, advice on credits and loans to finance studies, as well as exemptions and refunds. Here you can find further information and contact persons.

The Central Examination Office is responsible for the preparation and dispatch of notifications of examination results and graduation documents and takes care of the certification of official documents of TUM. Here you can find all contact points.

Study and Teaching – Quality Management is responsible for the development of degree programs, ensures the outstanding quality of all courses offered at TUM and is entrusted with the evaluation of the programs offered. Here you can find all contacts.

The unit Study and Teaching – Legal Affairs deals with all basic legal issues in study and teaching. It does not provide advice for students.

The unit Study and Teaching – Planning is responsible for the collection and provision of study-related planning data as well as internal and official application, student and examination statistics. Here you can find all contacts.

This unit ensures the best possible communication of relevant content for teaching staff and students on numerous channels and in various media formats. It is also responsible for the Internationalization Language Services as well as TUM's comprehensive idea management. Here you can find all contacts.